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  1. I tried a scalpel excision with a dermatologist but it failed. I take most blame though. I should have went to a PS and since it's only a half inch scar there is hope for a re-excision. I am planning on getting it re-excised but I doubt you can convince a PS to go through with the original posters method. How many plastic surgeons do this and how can you convince your PS to do it? The oirginal poster has failed to mention that. What if a PS disagrees with your suggestions or states he does not u
  2. That is interesting that you say I would need subcision possibly... but why would the doctor do a subcision on the linear scar if the old scar tissue has already been removed? I don't quite understand what you mean when you say It could still be depressed even with a perfect excision. The scar previously was a midish deep rolling scar and a ice pick quite close to it.. the length of excision was slightly longer because I had them both excised. I figured it would be a linear line that would fade
  3. @Jenny See the biggest indention on that picture? It's like a wide indention and a little long.. that's the failed excision. It completely failed basically. That indention should have been just a line and not what it is. It looks pretty bad at the moment. I don't even think I can cover it with makeup to hide it. I just have to wait for a new excision which kind of sucks.. I was hoping there was something I could do for the next 3 months.
  4. First of all, if your considering excision for an acne scar DO NOT go to a dermatologist. I repeat.. DO NOT go to a determatolgist. It will be the biggest mistake of your life. Dermatologists do not do excisions as much as a plastic surgeon. Their skill/experience in cutting is not going to be as good and you will more than likely end up with a failed excision. I was very ignorant and jumped the boat when a dermatologist offered $175 to excise an acne scar. The excision failed and now I have to
  5. @Chunky you're missing the entire point man. I'm not saying that it's dangerous because of what it MIGHT cause. I am telling you that everyone has a different opinion on how acne makes them feel. You're stating it's not 'physically' life threatening while I'm focusing emphasis on the mental effect it has on people. It's a very devastating condition to have. It bothers people more so than others. I'm sure for many people acne is not such a big deal but for others it can be seriously stressful to
  6. Chunky your advice is very opinionated based. While you say acne is not a life threatening illness, how do you know how it affects her mentally? She may have a horrible time dealing with cysts, can't stand them at all and it may even affect her social life or cause depression in some people so who are you say It's "just acne." People have had horrible experiences with "just acne." It isn't simple acne. It has a profound mental effect on our confidence and in many of our social lives. Taking anti
  7. I don't think you should stop taking the antibiotic without doctors approval. It's important to be discussing things like this with your doctor. If you stopped taking it and it did come back you'd be very devastated emotionally, right? So why take the risk? I understand your reasoning for not wanting to take it anymore but if it's working right now well why not just keep using it? Nothing is perfect. There are side effects of course.. etc. but you said it yourself.. it's stopping the cysts!
  8. More or less yes you're correct.. that sounds like initial swelling. It's a timely process to heal scars. it takes time for new collagen to regrow, however, if your scars aren't so bad you can expect some good results. Once you move up in higher % peels you will probably see more noticeable changes. In any aspect.. good luck! Hope it works out for you! Take care.
  9. Personally I just started using TCA peels as well. I don't use entirely for scarring though because I'm very minimal scarring wise so I can't entirely give you the best of information regarding results with TCA peeling and scarring but I can tell you my experience. I started with 12.5% but I'm darker descent than you are so you can probably start a little higher as risk of hypo/hyperpigmentation for you is much lower than it is for me. TCA Is a much stronger peel than glycolic. It also produ
  10. The reality of it is that severe scarring can't be fixed... not in our day and age. In order to fix a scar you have to replace the lost collagen. It is impossible to create ALL of that new collagen all over again. In the future.. I'm sure there will be stem cells or something in that nature that can fix any scar and bring your normal skin back but in our day and age scars tend to be a lifetime thing. There are ways to mask the scarring and what I mean is you can almost entirely level a scar
  11. I have one noticeable rolling scar and I have to agree.. car windows suck so bad! I hate looking into them. I live in a nice neighborhood actually but I'm in Arizona so it's always really sunny etc. so I always leave ALL my windows down so I never have to look at them. I can't remember the last time I've actually looked into any car mirror.. soo demoralizing.
  12. I tried dermarolling and it didn't quite work for me because of all the pain! lol I should have used a numbing cream or something. I'll stay posted with this thread to see how your results turn out. If your successful then I may try rolling again. I guess I'll have to man up and take the pain! No pain no gain!
  13. I'm just worried a Derm would charge me $500 to inject one scar. Appreciate all your advice and help! Thanks to all.. have a lovely day.. or in my case night.
  14. Well if you have little acne scarring, i am assuming you are not really prone to scarring? Maybe try neosporin on the cyst or polysporin. Have you treated your other scars yet? Well I have medium tannish skin and I think I am prone to scarring. I have scars without a doubt.. but they are minimal excluding one rolling scar that is pretty noticeable. I treat that rolling scar with a filler though simply because It's just one scar and It's basically gone through a filler besides that..