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  1. Hi guys, Been a lurker here for a while and often drift in here when my acne flairs up for some moral support! Had mild/moderate acne since about 17ish and it's been a bumpy ride, I can totally empathise with all the emotions that fly around your head. The mirror is a great foe of mine that I have epic battles with, I often avoid eye contact, find it awkward buying clay masks in Boots, sometimes blame my mum for my genes, envy my sisters clear skin..blah the list goes on.. Please DO NOT drive
  2. "Gee mate, why are you being immature and condascending? You're a moderator, you have an obligation to provide members with atleast some sign of a cool head." Probably because it is a very close subject to many people on this forum as you might have seen from the replies to the original post. As for the original poster he has made a complete ass of himself; poorly informed opinions and lacks substantial evidence to back his views.
  3. Personally I blasted my face from the off.. needless to say my face was horribly red and very flakey. However I hid away for 2 weeks it was the holidays so I had this luxury. In answer to you question yes it is very normal to look like a tomato and have flakey skin.
  4. SnowboardDude you must be lacking... if you have read the numerous threads on this forum different medications have differing effects on different people. God... you gotta love the EU.
  5. Hi guys, Sorry to ruin the party .. or just turn the music down some what. I used Sudocrem last year ( I am a UK user) I ONLY used it at night when I had really bad dry skin and it worked wonders, personally I found it very hard to absorb into my skin in the day and I would end up with white patches on my face (especially on hot days). So try and start off slow don't whap it all over your face and wonder why you look like a ghost! I have Never tried it on a regular basis and I'm interested t
  6. 101E Acne Getaway. NO! I have tried exactly the same... be warned. I went to a chinese medicine shop and asked for treatment and they gave me the above and some black pills, needless to say they did nothing for ME I forked out nearly 100 pounds on 2 courses. I went back on BP and had great results... so much for natural cures eh.
  7. When I come back from the gym I just follow the normal regime for example: Leave uni at around 5 ish go to the gym from 6 - 7 then shower apply BP etc and leave it until the morning. Never had a problem with this.
  8. Sugar and lack of sleep over the festive period gave me a sty on my left eye and a few spots on my cheek; I'm back on my old diet and regime and they are clearning nicely, try and identify the variables which seem to cause break outs.
  9. Straight up standard regime for you I think. worked great for me just be very regimental about it and you WILL most likely see results.
  10. Drink more water, try and keep your hair out of your face.. although this may be difficult with the look you seem to have, change pillows and sheets often. I have oily skin but never used blotching sheets just BP and moisturiser. Where abouts do you live? If it's the UK I could advise you on the products I use, you seem to have a similar problem as me.
  11. Slightly off topic but..Apomes I plan to have a large tatoo on my back will I have to wait for my back to completely clear? I don't have massive amounts of spots just a couple.
  12. I take vit C 500mg tabs twice a day not for my skin just for gym. I can't say I have noticed any improvement but this may be due to the fact that I have been taking vit C for such a long time.
  13. I will not talk about what drugs I have taken but DRUGS ARE BAD!! THEY WILL NOT HELP YOUR SKIN OR ANYOTHER ORGAN !
  14. There is no 'average' it is to do with your genetics and your environment in my personal opinion. From reading the acne.org forums for a while I have heard from people complain of acne from ages 13 ish to 40+. Try finding out who may have given you the 'acne gene', my mum had acne until around 23 so I'm hoping mine will end then im 21 now. Cheers Jon.
  15. In my case I have never had problem with milk; I drink about 3-4 pints of full fat milk a day. I have read articles about it being 'poison' and what not but have never found these claims to be true in my case. Im bang on Dan's regime and my skin is rarely effected by diet apart from copious amounts of beer