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  1. Did you tried Loreal Ideal Balance Powder?? I like it, and it's the best I've used so far. I hope it works for you if you do decide to try it. www.lorealparis.com
  2. I guess it doesn't work for everybody. Sorry.
  3. Have you tried : AVON Pore-fection Mattifier? www.avon.com
  4. They're probably the same but with just different packaging. My cousin works for a Revlon makeup company. shhhhhhhh There's also a book on makeup that I've read that said the same thing. I'll post the book title if I check it out again.
  5. LOL - I know it sounds kinda creepy but my lashes haven't fallen out yet. j/k I've been using it for about a month now - my lashes are fine and dandy. Black is the color - classy and flattering. hmmm - the things we do to be beautiful - :ph34r:
  6. finally! something that will not give you raccoon eyes ever! Here's the product: REVLON: ColorStay Overtime Lash Tint www.revlon.com or http://www.revlon.com/product.asp?ProductI...35&Mode=catalog :wink:
  7. I think I've tried everything including department store brands and nothing is as good as covergirl - the new clean oil control makeup / it doesn't clog your pore and is oil free but the only thing missing is SPF - the pocket powder is nice too but doesn't work that well with dan's reg. they're not the best thing ever but it does the job and is better than the rest i love the aqua smooth stuff but it isn't oil free - damn almay is pretty good too but doesn't have that many colors all
  8. i thought that sex is good for your skin :-k well anyways sex is way too good to give up because of acne
  9. a mean b i t c h like her doesn't deserve nor worth your pain and sadness forget her and move on
  10. [-( Proactiv didn't really work for me. sort of cleared my skin but made it look extra shiny and oily. Try dan's reg. It's so much better. Your skin feels much cleaner and much less greasy. good luck