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  1. So I've had bad acne since I was 17. It eventually got better when I turned 21 but I still kept getting 1 or 2 huge cysts per month. So I was out on 40mg accutane. Today is my 5th day on it and I am already frustrated. Before I took this pill I had one pimple on my face. 5 days into my regimen and I have 6 active pimples on my face and my skin is red and peeling very bad. I almost want to stop accutane. I cant handle this initial breakout. Anyone else take accutane and dealt with an initial bre
  2. This picture doesn't capture my acne or cold sore, I will take another 1 today
  3. So ever since I started getting acne at age 17 It has caused me 2 b depressed, it has totally changed my world upside down. It was at its worst 2 years and since then has improved but I'm just at a breaking point right now My birthday is on Wednesday and I have 3 new pimples that are bright red plus my scars and I have a cold sore that just formed on my upper lip.. I feel like dying. I don't even know why I'm telling yall this I guess I'm just venting
  4. Man.... I never talk about my acne with anyone but I've come to a point where I'm embarresed to even talk to my mom about this or even see anyone! I remember my life before I had acne.... Man I was living life. I've always been a shy dude but everything was great without acne. Shit I was talking to girls, just living. Then senior year happened. (I'm 21 now) (been a long 5 years) senior year was the hardest thing ever for me. That's when it all started. I remember avoiding everyone and hiding m