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  1. I've been on the gel for 1.5 month and my skin is still peeling a lot. How long does it take before the peeling stops?
  2. I have the same problem, but when I pop them I get inflamed zits, you're lucky that your skin doesn't react this way. Popping might cause pore damage anyway though :[
  3. Picking on my skin, causes scars and makes the acne worse. I would be better off with plugged up pores that make my skin look dirty and yucky than with all these scars. To this day, I still can't stop picking ...working on it though.
  4. Toxicity maybe. Did you see the leader of some small country in europe had his skin disfigured by acne because of dioxin poisoning? This was in the news about a year ago i think. I have a lot of almagam tooth fillings and some claim they release mercury vapors..., so I could be suffering from mercury toxicity. But also my acne didn't start until puberty so...hormones?
  5. Age:25 Years of acne: 12 Acne: mild to moderate DIET If I completely eliminate all grain, legumes, and table sugar in my diet, the acne stops. But this is almost impossible to do. So now i'm limiting grains/legume to whole oatmeal and mung beans (a yellow bean). Trying to stay away from nuts completely. Also trying to drink green juice daily (see Freethinker's post in diet section) as this seemed to help with skin healing a lot.
  6. I used the 2% liquid and had good results in just a few days: it exfoliated well and reduced clogged pores...but I stopped using it because my skin was peeling a lot. I also tried the 1% gel but that didn't do anything.
  7. I've tried Mederma. It didn't do anything for depressed scars. not sure about raised ones