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  1. After further reading about (ro)accutane, I'm a little bit cautious. I always knew there were side effects that were quite well documented, but reading post after post about people with erectile dysfunction/lack of sexual performance after taking accutane (and during) have been making me question whether or not I want to pursue this anymore. I've read cases of permanent ED as well, temporary I could deal with (although my girlfriend would probably be none too happy ), but permanent is what reall
  2. Hi there, new here, I've finally been referred to a dermatologist to (hopefully) get roaccutane. I've already had my blood taken in advance but I don't know the results from that. My doctor said that it would probably be 6 weeks before I could get an appointment but I've been lucky and been able to get one in 2 weeks time, my doctor suggested that I should stop taking erythromycin so that the dermatologist can see the acne in, in his words: "It's full glory". My acne is mostly on my back so I'