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  1. Hello, Im gonna complete my 2 month mark this week.The first month everything was awesome.I had almost no breakouts and no flakiness(for the first 3 weeks).But after i got to the full dosage of bp and started to use aha(3 times a week) I started to have at least 4-5 pimples on my face on different places all the time.I mean they would go away in 3-4 days but then they would occur again on different areas on my face.Some of them leave big red marks which is my worst nightmare.I never changed any
  2. Hello, I am having extremly dry and flaky skin every morning. I think this is because the the moisturizer on my face gets rubbed off by my pillow case. I feel this is getting in the way of my progress. Is this normal and if not does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your time!
  3. Hello, I was wondering if we could wash our face after applying the regimen in the morning or should we just leave it alone until the nighlty application? Same goes for showering.Do we have to shower in the morning before we apply our morning regimen or can we shower after the morning regimen? Thanks for your time
  4. Hello, I just started the regimen today. So for the first week we only appy benzoyl peroxide once a day. I applied it this morning so should i still use the gentle cleanser and the moisturizer at night even though i don't use benzoyl peroxide? Thanks for your time.