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  1. interested in ur results to, i have light brown indian skin to, my i have some pretty big scars rolling, ice pick,box card all of them, i have done 2 tca cross, and done some needling myself and it seems to help. I also have been to a derm and get suggested that, duel fraxel 1550 @ 500 microns and 300 microns on the temples would be helpfull and finesh it off with some fillers
  2. lol, it must have worked and has moved on with his life working to recoup that 15k he spend
  3. Well, i've done electric needling for 2-3 times now i think, and i can report my skin is so much more firmer and acne scars, large pores seem to be getting smaller. The will be my last needling so far going to get fraxel duel 1550 laser done, hopefully if all goes to plan, in the next few months. My plan was to lift my acne scars a bit and so when my skin hits the laser it would infact come with a better result.
  4. I'd pay 100k to get a 95% improvement, sure i don't have that yet but i sure as hell would work all day everyday till i can get the treatment, all we can do just wait and wait some more then get depressed and cry then wait, repeat in my case.
  5. https://twitter.com/Ernestoria Yo guys i think i found him?>? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154627825260145&set=a.10150297259590145.529273.743530144&type=1&theater Such a inprscation, this guy had that much acne scaring and he could still be a entrupeer is just the inpreisation i needed
  6. rez does have a point we are 694,574 views in and still noting, ik it hard to deal with but what can we do lock ourselfs in ourrooms for the rest of ourlifes, ik have have serve acne scarring but then i look at old people skin does it really matter because we are all going to age, just sucks having our lifes being robed so early tho.
  7. This has never been done to my knowledge, but ik lasers use heat so why not needling. I have been using electric neecling and have seen some improvement but what if the needlings were heated up and then injected in the skin really temprted to try this viewS??
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2347709/Spray-skin-skin-cells-healed-surgery-scar-Now-I-wear-bikinis-again.html Please for the love of god come out witth something already, i just want to buy stuff from shops and not have to worry about skin bs
  9. man oh man if, us people can get hydrogel to fix 90% of the scaring id be more then happy
  10. I think you are wrong there my friend, it be the same as laser u sign a wavyer of what can happen and the risks and us people who are beaten down so much will do it anyway im gunna post pone my laser and stuff for another 3 months and getting Electric Auto Micro Needle Derma Stamp hopefully that makes new cells and then burns it off and make even more collgen
  11. you have no idea what youre talking about ... fraxel dual 1550 is nonablative and those arent gonna do anything for acne scarring go research again Sorry i should add i have tanned etinic skin, which duel fraxel 1550 is the best of dark skin type
  12. Just curious, has anyone got treatmets like dul fraxel and all that, i have booked in 1550 duel fraxel soon it is costly at 4k but they will do subsection, filler to. I do hope that gives my some will to enjoy my early 20s, as i have not done much living since acne. Anyone ysed SkinPen looks promissing but takes time i think
  13. Acne scaring has made me stop caring a lot now days, don't care about knowing people. being in relationships,/ if it happens good if not still good,like being alone, and all in all i just dont give a fek and want to make a ton of money and buy nice cars/ race cars, and make women butthurt and enviousness of my lifestyle .
  14. FROM MY reasech fraxel wont do much for scaring u need duel 1550 wave leaght and im doing 500 milcons and 300 on temples on taned skin
  15. Indeed it does, im 23 haven't been living since 16, would be a different person without em, what can ya do make the most of what u have gunna die either way so fuk it