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  1. kiehl's. try facial fuel or their other stuff.. love it.
  2. This is very true. Also, whilst it's true that even under all the makeup, airbrushing and photoshopping the models that we see in advertisements might still look stunningly attractive, they really aren't representative of the general population. I know we hear it all the time, you said you're told it yourself, but it doesn't hurt to remind ourselves of it. In answer to 'how do they do it?', it sucks but, some people are just born who happen to fit society's perceived standard of 'attractive',
  3. thanks everyone for feeding my curiosity. i really like this toner. hopefully i will see great results soon. how's it working for ya'll ?
  4. It often goes way beyond just airbrushing models pics. Have you ever seen this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXBj4XOU9vg Its not even really her face once they are done with all the digital alterations (and she even starts out with far less-than-perfect skin!)
  5. ok, i just picked up the aqua glycolic toner from walgreen's and it cost me $22! i'll admit i've spend way more on other products but i'm just pissed because i thought i would cost about $12 (the prices on drugstore.com and other places). i was trying to avoid the shipping costs that's what i get for being cheap for shipping. ps. i had to buy it though, i didn't want to just order it and be like "no, thanks. it's cheaper online." i'm not that rude so yes, if you have bought it, how much d
  6. i've never threaded my cheek but i have done my eyebrows it's so much faster and to me does not hurt at all i'm also gay and i guess some people would expect me to do this..because i'm gay i did however see a straight man in his 30s get his eyebrows threaded don't think about it too much a lot of men (both straight and gay) get their eyebrows cleaned up it's just that most gays and metrosexual men go to the extreme but back to the cheek thing.. i've never heard of anyone doing that yet
  7. i use it and love it! looks really natural.. no one can tell. people say i have nice skin.. i giggle knowing it's mac
  8. great story, a happy ending. now, SHOW US THAT PORTFOLIO!
  9. i think people associate m.a.c. with being cakey because most people that use it don't know how.. and that's the truth i use the mac select tint spf 15 and mac select cover-up. the tint is a tinted moisturizer and it's water based so i don't break out from it and it's really light.. then i just use the cover-up concealer on the bad spots. i don't have seriously bad acne so the tint moisturizer and cover-up concealer is enough for me. just go to the store, they're really helpful. make sure y
  10. put the product in damp, not dry or wet, hair then blow dry upside down (so that it stays vertical), finish w/ hair spray :dance:
  11. blow dry and hair spray oh what's the product that you use btw.
  12. THANKS! SAME TO YOU. still in athens? where is christmas for you?