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  1. Does anyone have advice? I've combed through all of alternatavistas posts, I've bought online books, I'm not sure where to turn
  2. Just curious, does anyone out their have experience with a low GI diet, and if so, can you let me know how long it took before you started to see a difference? I've read SO many books on balancing hormones, (the latest was stefani ruper's Sexy By Nature book) and it just feels like their is so much conflicting advice out there. I see someone who says eat high fat oils and avocadoes and avoid carbs and soy, another says to avoid all grains and beans and focus on meat, another will say to eat
  3. are there any natural ways to regulate your hormones other than birth control and Spiro? I know that my acne is hormonal, and I've read on the holistic boards that eating a low GI diet really helps. This isn't something I've given 100% too, because I wasn't sure if it really worked. And also even after googling I had a hard time finding an example of a low GI meal plan... I have given up dairy, but maybe that alone isn't enough for me. Is it worth switching back to retin a from epiduo maybe?
  4. Hmm, if I wanted to try this modified, what would be the key things to cut oat? I really enjoy my oatmeal breakfast... What are some of the ways I could support my body you think?
  5. I appreciate your advice, but do you enjoy your life with such a restricted diet? Like are you stringent with it, or will you sometimes have a dessert then and now?
  6. Hey, Just read the article you linked, it seems like it suggests a low GI diet with avoidance of inflammatory oils and nuts and grains. I'm willing to give it a shot, but it honestly just seems so restricted, how would you even go out to eat with friends and whatnot? Haha
  7. Breakfast is oatmeal and almond milk with some peanut butter. Lunch is brown rice with soy sauce and vegetables Dinner is usually Salmon or chicken maybe with whole wheat tortilla and beans, or vegetables. Snacks are always fruit . My supplements are Cod liver oil NAC Berberry Zinc Multi vitamin
  8. I actually haven't tried the regimen,but almost every product Ive used had benzoyl peroxide in it To everyone who thinks I shouldn't go for accutane, what's your reason? I realize it's a strong drug, but I think for me clear akin would outweigh the risks. Having these lumps on my face is ruining my selfeesteem... Also, both my mother and brother were able to use accutane without side effects, so I think it would most likely be safe for me.
  9. I've thought about Spiro and birth control, but I really don't want to be on pills for the rest of my life... At least with accutane I'll be done in a few months..
  10. I have tried dietary changes, no effect for me. I only eat whole foods.
  11. For the past eight years I've struggled with acne. Its always been mild to moderate, but its extremely persistent. I've tried everything there is out there, erythromycin, retin a, epiduo, sulfur face wash, duac, differin, antiobiotics, the list goes on and on. I'm desperate for clear skin, but I'm wondering if it will ever be in my reach. I really just want to get accutane, but last time i tried my derm sent me home with bactrim (an antibiotic) and epiduo. Over two months later and I'm look
  12. For any one reading this, Please DO NOT use the OCM. It made me get inflamed pimples on my lower jaw and cheeks. I have never broken out there in my LIFE! Honestly I would say just keep using your normal wash
  13. Hey all, I recently read about the OCM and for the past week I have been using it with 100% organic cold-pressed grapeseed oil. I have been using it morning and night, taking about a quarter sized amount of oil rubbing it in for a minute, and then splashing my face with very warm water to take it off. I also used a towel to dry my face. After a week today I woke up with five, very tiny whiteheads. These set warning bells in my head, because they were on my jaw and cheeks, places where I NEV
  14. Or if not a critique any suggestions?