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  1. lots of sun? more sweating and possibly more exercise? just guesses
  2. hear of someone being cured by them did you?
  3. exactly. im gunna take less now after reading that tho thanks
  4. I take about 3-4 grams of vitamin C everyday. I have finished accutane and i found that i would get a tiny red spot sometimes, no puss or anything, just a little red blemish. Taking vitamin c (500mg chewable tablets, 2 at a time, 3 or 4 times a day) has stopped that and improved my ability to repair (which is very important after accutane) and improved my overall skin tone and appearance. Anyone else had a similar experience?
  5. you obviously don't care about getting to a clear state, becasue you would have followed your derms advice. so who cares if you have that attitude?
  6. yeah i wouldnt recommend using two facial washes so close together. but if it works for you then meh
  7. Even at the pub last night i started dancing with this girl and i went all red. i am so wierd, i just ran away from her
  8. hhmmmm it has started happening after i finished tane. it could be the bp because i jusmped back on that band wagon straight after the tane. That was maybe 2 monts ago?? but only the face wash as i said. lifstyle is the same and nothing has changed. i'm the same in bed hahaha and i dont think its becaseu of the cardio becasue when i run i dont really get that red.. any ideas?? its not that big a deal tho, just annoying
  9. i dont know what it was. just one that zaps and hurts. plus medicare is paying. ill find out next visit for yall
  10. This is so strange. When i work out hard or run or anything i wont become much redder than normal. but anything sex related like having sex or just making out and stuff, or even when i'm 'playing cricket solo' my face will go bright red. i am completely comfortable with my body and all that and i always have sex its not like im embarrassed or dont know what im doing. this never used to happen and now its affecting my sex life, sometimes i avoid it even just because i ddont wanna turn into a toma
  11. just go on accutane seriously its the best decision you will ever make
  12. dont use bp while you are accutane. you have to stop all that crap. just use a soap free cleaning bar and NOTHING else, besides moisturiser. i can recommend gamophen 'soap' and sorbolene moisturising cream
  13. like you mate i didnt really like talking about it. For the drinking just say that you dont do it for footy or gym, or that u have to get up early the next day, but sitll gp put and then leave at 12 or something. Get a job and work there heaps so you can avoid going out sometimes and earn heaps of money, who cares if customers or work ppl see you all the time. just dont get a job in a greasy environment ie maccas etc. I think putting chapstick on is cool man, tell ppl your like nepolian dynamit
  14. the only side effects i got were slightly dry lips, sometimes my skin would crack around my mouth after eating, and also some depression, but who doesnt get that with acne. I didnt really have many scars when i began, so i couldnt say. good luck buddy
  15. so a doc or derm? u didnt answer the question