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  1. I tend to agree with klm15, if your body is 'purging' out what is already there you will see an initial breakout, I've seen this in some people taking acne vitamin supplements, gets worse before better. But what you are describing sounds more like an irritation to the product. Sometimes trying to go oil free makes things worse.
  2. I had been searching for a long time to find Vitamin C SAP - sodium ascorbyl phosphate available and could only find a source out of China. I finally found a US supplier and it's listed on Ebay, $19 for 20 grams so I ordered some and will try experimenting with some of my own DIY lotions.
  3. You need to try these!

    We sell these at my work (day spa) and that's how I first heard of them. Once I started taking them I saw no difference for over 30 days, and then WHAM! They kicked in and cleared me right up. My skin cleared and started to glow. Hardly even wear makeup some days now. I definitely recommend trying, not sure if they work 100% for everyone but most of the clients at my spa love them as well, but I did see one lady that they didn't work for. You can buy them on [link removed] or [link removed].
  4. No! Absolutely not. Can be some terrible side effects (search the forums here) and should only be used in extreme cases. I use a vitamin supplement for acne and it does wonders for my skin. Have you cleaned up your diet, cut out dairy, tried a probiotic yet? Lots of things that you can try and can have a very positive effect.
  5. Do you mean Vitamin D is a hormone and is clearing your acne? I think you mean D not C in your title? D has been talked about as being a hormone in my research. Interesting you mention Vitamin D and Evening Primrose in your post. I take a product called the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack by innate skin and it has both of those in it, it has done wonders for my skin. Keep the pics coming, but without makeup!!! Vitamin D is awesome.
  6. Do you mean meat or wheat? Why would meat affect acne unless it's loaded with hormones? Eating organic/grassfed meat shouldn't affect acne at all?