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  1. I tried a beard trimmer without the attachment comb and I liked the stubble effect but I found I couldn't spread the bp and moisturiser on properly.
  2. I live in Thailand where you can buy any drugs without a prescription. Don't worry, there are very reputable pharmacies here (Boots is here) so I'm sure what they're selling is genuine. I was on accutane a few years ago and didn't have any side effects at all apart from dry lips so I want to buy myself some accutane rather than waste time and money at a dermatologist. I know some people might not approve but I'm not looking for any lectures on that. I'm just wondering what the standard dosage i
  3. I personally think the Philips triple-blade rotary shavers are best. Take a look at this baby! Don't need any products with it - just dry shave and then take a shower.
  4. Benzac, Brevoxyl, Oxy On The Spot... Search the forum a bit more throughly and you'll find plenty of info.
  5. I once saw Benzac on sale in Boots. A lots of Aussies and Kiwis like that stuff. I tried that emulsifying ointment and it didn't clean my face at all and caused a flare up.
  6. I used accutane when I was 19 and my acne didn't clear up totally until the very last few weeks. It then stayed clear for a few weeks after I finished the course but then came back until it was about the same as it was before. I'm thinking of doing it again (I just turned 30 and still have to use bp every day) but maybe upping the dosage or going on a permanent low dosage. My doctor at the time didn't need any convincing to refer me to a derm and the derm was very enthusiastic to give me the roa
  7. I tried ACV for a month and it did nothing at all for my skin. It's just a vinegar people! It does taste nice in a salad dressing though.
  8. Yes it's a gastric issue that is made worse by high fibre and certain other foods. Whatever ideal diet you've read about or heard about won't be the right diet for everyone. We all have different dietary needs.
  9. There are studies that a high glycemic diet can worsen acne (see my post in this forum) and chocolate is very high in sugar so the glycemic load is very high. It's not that chocolate causes acne but it worsens it in people who already have the condition. I think it's irresponsible for keyboard and TV doctors to be telling everyone that eating chocolate is fine. For many people it will worsen their acne.
  10. I was brought up eating a high fibre diet, not at all the typical junk food diet. Whatever the textbook "proper" diet is, it doesn't work for me. My gastroenterologist was not of much help so I eliminated foods from my diet that made it worse - wholemeal bread, beans, nuts and some fruit and vegetables (like pineapple and onions). I now get most of my carbs from pasta, white bread and white rice and eat some meat, plenty of fish and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. This has greatly improved
  11. To put it blunty high fibre food makes me fart and shit too much (I was trying to be more delicate in my previous two posts) and whole foods like whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds I also find difficult to digest. Most fruit and vegetables, meat, starchy food and white bread I'm fine with.
  12. I have the same problem with nuts and seeds so where would I get my carbs from? Fruit I can handle but you can't get all your carbs from them. I definitely don't need to increase my fibre intake as food already passes through me too quickly.
  13. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/77676.php A Low Glycemic Load Diet is cutting out stuff like sugar and white bread and white rice and potatoes isn't it? The problem is I'm very thin so going to a Low Glycemic Load Diet probably wouldn't be good for me. I find it difficult to digest wholemeal bread and other "whole foods". I do keep sugar intake to a minimum though.
  14. I get a weird cool feeling on my face after using Neutrogena visibly clear oil-free moisturiser or Clean & Clear oil free dual action moisturiser. They both contain SA. It's sort of a "menthol" type feeling if you see what I mean but menthol isn't in the ingredients. Is this due to the SA? I don't like the feeling and it lasts for hours.
  15. I haven't visited here for a while. Last time I was here Dan was saying he was going to release an SPF moisturiser first. What happened to that idea? I think it's good because I don't trust those SPF ingredients and think it's better to just keep out of the sun but I'm wondering why the change of heart.