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  1. So today I went to the dermatologist.I broke down in front of her which is weird because I hate crying in front of people. I talked to her about how my acne is getting worse and how my regimen doesn't seem to be working. I've been on doryx 200mg daily, aczone every morning, epiduo in the night, and birth control ortho tri cyclen lo. I just started the bc 3 weeks ago so I don't expect it to be working yet but I have been on the other medications for about 5 months now and my face is worse than wh
  2. 3wishes

    The Emotional Toll

    My acne keeps on getting worst. All the new ones are cycstic and they're everywhere. I can't help but cry every time I see my reflection.I've tried makeup but not even that works on me. Everything is noticeable because they are bumps. My skin is red all the time and my pores are huge and its just so overwhelming. I do have to admit that I pop a few but only the ones that won't leave huge scars. Today is the second time I stay home because of my acne. I told my mom why I didn't go out today and
  3. So I just woke up a few hours ago I looked at myself in the mirror and I was a huge oily mess. My dermatologist said I have moderate to severe acne but I think I'm leaning more on the severe side. I currently have a mostly clear forehead just one or two scars. My unibrow has two dark cystic acne scars and one juicy,bumpy cycstic pimple. (Its so attractive) I have a have centimeter scar on the point of my nose. My left cheek has to many cystic acne I honestly can count how many there are plus sca
  4. 3wishes

    Why A Blog

    This blog is a way I'm gonna let out my feelings about my acne.I hope I can help people who are using the same meds as me. I feel that the people on this website or even reading what I am writing can relate. I'm just looking for support that's all. I'm also gonna write about how my current medications are going so that I can keep anyone who is reading updated. And I definitely would like to know my readers acne regimens and how they cope with their acne. Feel free to share !!
  5. 3wishes

    The Begininng

    I got acne after I got my first period. Its natures way of saying congratulations your a woman...now have some free acne. I probably went on for a year without going to the dermatologist for the first time. I had first started out with tiny bumps on my for head so it wasn't that bad but they got worse and began to grow. I didn't realize how bad it was until my sister one day took a picture of my face with flash. The picture definitely made me feel bad about my skin and I began to cry. I was 13 a