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  1. has anyone tried this? i've been using it for about three weeks and it worked well at first but not so well now. just wondering how it may have worked for others.
  2. Also the vitamins you take..alright this is a bit gross..but my urine is totally different from my bf's..sometimes when he's done using the bathroom i have to run in and wash my face or what not..and he always forget to flush..and it WREAKS LIKE NOTHING I HAVE EVER wafted...At the same time..he takes in LOTS OF VITAMINS..so it could be it..and plus most vitamins just get washed to your urine........Expensive Vitamisn Expensive urine... but it makes our urine SUPER POWERFUL!! so it's always goo
  3. Alright so after reading this, I said "why the hell not" and decided to try it. I did it for the first time tonight and my skin feels way soft. I did also buy Vita-K today though, for my red spots and used that too. The only problem is, I can smell it. Like straight up. Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe it's just mine?
  4. I guess I would say it could be a problem because I don't drink "normal" amounts of soda. I drink very excessive amounts. I need to stop. I need a 12 step program.
  5. I think I'm going to try drinking nothing but water for two weeks, and see if that helps. If I don't see a difference I'm back to soda though.
  6. It would probably just open up your pores a lot. You could get some blackheads out. But I don't know about it just clearing it for you. It will just help your acne wash get into your skin deeper.
  7. Huh...if I eat something greasy or something I break out like 2 days later...but maybe that's just me..
  8. Started yesterday...my face is BABY soft!
  9. I don't know if my acne caused my depression, but it defiently has caused the low self confidence which affects my depression... I'm on Prozac and doing better though.
  10. Thanks oodles. I heard it works well for blackheads too?
  11. Could someone please give me the exact directions/ingredients for an asprin mask?
  12. Other suggestions for over-the-counter blackhead stuff much appreciated too.
  13. I heard somewhere that soda causes acne, particularly body acne. Has anyone else heard this? Is it true?
  14. If someone could just give me a really quick response that would be mucho appreciated )