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makes my complexion brighter,radiant, and glowy can only use it twice a week or it causes breakouts this review is for the whitening mask. ive been using it for 3 months consistently.i use it twice a week for 1 hour. tried using it 3 times a week and got some pretty bad breakouts. some of my marks have faded to almost nothing and some havent budged. i would say it works well and rather quickly on new marks but my old marks/melasma have yet to improve. so i think much patience is required for tho

By almost pretty,

visible results immediately cheap doesnt cause breakouts greasy messy gets on pillowcase/sheets lightens marks but doesnt completely fade them i prefer roll on vitamin e as opposed to the stuff in the bottle that makes your fingers sticky.i use nature's gate roll on vitamin e oil.i buy it at whole foods. it works great at shrinking pimples overnight, makes skin smoother,shallow indents appear softer and less noticable, and my overall skin tone is more even and has a heal

By almost pretty,