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  1. hi, i totally understand what you are going through. i gave up on confiding in people without acne a long time ago b/c they just really dont get it. thats why i like this community so much b/c you can come here and find others that can relate to what you are going through. i suffered with acne for a long time and what finally cleared me was sulfur and a low dairy diet. as for makeup, i wear it often and it doesnt break me out. its a matter of finding the right one for your skin. same goes for p
  2. thanks honeymaid,i have ethnic skin too. this thread was a great idea. edited to ask: why is it posted in this forum? i rarely come in here and would have missed it.
  3. neo ointment will work better. its vaseline PLUS vitamin e and cocoa butter which will help it to not scar.
  4. i highly rec sulfur products! you can use a sulfur soap or a sulfur leave on lotion. mario badescu has a couple of them. and for your marks i'd rec the mario badescu whitening mask. my marks have gotten a ton better since i started using it. good luck to you!
  5. boscia purifying cleansing gel is excellent! doesnt contain vitamin e though.
  6. hey! I was just curious, what sulfur products do you recommend? I didn't see a post where you explained your regimen.

  7. you can try dabbing it with a sulfur mask. leave it on overnite to reduce swelling. not sure if it will help with the redness though. good luck to you. and have a great time regardless of your skin!
  8. Most of are in the same boat. I had mini large pores or tiny scaring. More recently, I got a shallow scar. I am using differin. Asking for retin A from my dermatologist and asking about non ablative laser treatment. I am so envious of people with clear skin. If you look at me, much like BX, I got an athletic physique, 6pac, good looks, eat healthy but, stuck with scarring. It honestly could be worse. The shallow scar is crippling my self esteem so, I am considering laser treatment. I am the sort
  9. yea, you need to clarify. is it microderms you're asking about or lasers?? they are 2 totally different things. if its microderms you're considering, i can tell you from my own personal experience that they dont help with scarring. i had a series of them done and was very disappointed with the outcome.
  10. i totally relate to everything you said. have you tried sulfur products? sulfur and a low dairy diet cleared me up. best of luck to you!
  11. ^ same thing happened to me too. my cystic acne returned but i refused to do another round of it.
  12. i second this! neo ointment is great for popped pimples and helps them fade away without leaving a scar.