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  1. it looks like you already have really good skin
  2. The past couple of weeks have been midterms galore for me, so I apologize again for not updating this as much as I should. My skin has been going back and forth from great to good to not to great, but I think it might have to do with the convenience of foods like pizza and bagels and coffee this week while I've been studying. I have really started cracking down on what I eat, though, and I already feel better and see an improvement in my skin. This morning I had an omelette with broccoli, eggs,
  3. thank you, and i haven't lost any weight that i've noticed. i think if i were to be super strict on the diet i probably would have, though. one thing i did notice was that my stomach never puffed out on this diet the way it does when i eat breads and stuff... i guess that's being bloated? i dont know, it makes me look/feel gross though. there are a lot more specific restrictions on the paleo diet, but yes, those are the basics. my major things are staying away from bread, dairy, and pr
  4. Hey everyone, thanks for all the support and reading my logs. So my skin has been fab lately, and it's felt really good... then I sort of strayed off the Paleo diet (really badly, actually) and now I have a big pimple on my chin. Boooo. I guess it makes sense though-- two nights ago I had a big dinner with my friends and at her house there was only lasagna and soda and cookies, stuff like that. Then last night I studied at my school's library for seven hours straight and came back starving but
  5. the basics of it are no bread/wheat/grains, no dairy, no sugars or salts or lentils or processed food. it's pretty strict. if you want a copy of the book, Dan might have another key code if you want to try the diet.
  6. Day... I don't know?? I forget, lol. I cheat a little bit every day but overall my diet has been SO much healthier than it was before. I had a bagel this morning with cream cheese because I was feeling pretty good about the diet. My skin has been clear, not sure if it's just a random fluke but when I do get pimples they're pretty tiny. My skin was also drying out so I'm using a Paula's choice moisturizer at night-- and I also used to use her BHA lotion, and when I went off of it I had blackheads
  7. Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a few days. It's been really hectic. Friday night I was working at Oktoberfest and they let us eat afterward and it was so difficult-- everything they had was bread, potatoes, etc. I tried to stick to the chicken and fruit but I did cheat a little bit and had a tiny bit of potatoes. Other than that it's just been all the same. Vegetables, eggs, chicken, fruit. Beans or hummus and an organic tortilla when I really am cheating. Last night I made a pretty go
  8. Ugh I know what you mean. This diet is kind of starting to not be fun at ALL. lol. I mean if it clears my skin then I think I will feel as though it's all worth it. But so far I just haven't noticed any change. Are you still doing the Regimen at night? Hang in there!!
  9. Day 4: Breakfast: -Half a sauteed chicken breast and three scrambled eggs Lunch: -An orange Dinner: -The other half of the chicken breast -Broccoli -Green pepper -A couple spoonfulls of black beans mixed in with all of this (I know this is cheating but I can't eat another plain sauteed chicken and vegetables. It's starting to get kind of gross.) So yeah, I don't know. This diet is really hard. I think that once this month is over it's just going to be everything in moderation for me. I'm mak
  10. The first three days were rough on me too, but thats just your body breaking it's addiction to bad stuff. I am now off this diet, after 10 days of being on it. I lost 11 pounds and did notice an improvement in my skin. I have a great Paleo recipe page for you to check out: http://www.paleofood.com/ On the paleo diet, you are allowed one open meal per week to indulge in your favorite food, just make sure you detox afterwards. You may sweeten foods with raw honey, as well. The 10 days became
  11. Day Three This is becoming really hard. I miss actually looking forward to my meals. Now it's sort of just a way for me to satisfy my appetite. I know the first month is supposed to be the strictest, but I just think this would be so much easier if there were like one bread or dairy product allowed per day. Or something. lol. Anyway, here's what I ate today: Breakfast/Lunch -Green tea -An apple, a banana, a plum Dinner: -Salmon -Sauteed mushrooms, broccoli, onions If I get hungry again tonig
  12. Day Two 10/10/06 Before Breakfast Snack: -A banana Breakfast: -A big omelette with mushrooms,onions, green peppers and two eggs. -A plum Lunch: -Sauteed chicken breast with lots of veggies -An apple Dinner: -So I was coming home from class with plans to have a fruit smoothie since it's one of the only things I had left to eat, and I came home to find that one of my roommates ate it. SO. ANNOYING. Anyway, I was really livid and ended up having a small cup of minestrone soup (which I know is "
  13. OK, day one of my diet. Breakfast: -Sauteed mushrooms, green peppers, and white onions with one scrambled egg (omega-3 enhanced) -One peach Lunch: -Chicken breast sauteed in canola oil and fresh lime juice with homemade salsa on top (salsa=fresh tomato, onion, cilantro, and lime juice) -Slices of green pepper dipped in leftover salsa Dinner: -Sauteed mushrooms -Steamed broccoli -A small piece of salmon -A banana After Dinner Snack: -An orange So far so good. I just wish there were more food
  14. Alright so today=the last day I'm eating bread products, etc. Tomorrow I'm starting the diet. Here is what I ate today: Breakfast: McDonald's egg, cheese, and bacon biscuit sandwich 2 hashbrowns Snacks: Yogurt Dinner: Spinach and cheese ravioli with pesto sauce. I went grocery shopping today and I must say, it was really fast! I passed up everything and headed straight for the fruits and veggies section. I got some chicken, salmon, canola oil, and omega-3 enriched eggs as well. But the whole
  15. It all depends on how you're going about this diet. When I went shopping today I picked up mostly fruits and vegetables, along with a carton of omega-3 enriched eggs. The only meat I bought were two salmon fillets, and a bag of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I'm not much of a meat eater myself and I don't plan on having a ton of meat everyday-- maybe just for dinner, along with some veggies. I was thinking that this diet is similar to the Atkins (or even South Beach) diet as well, but nei