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  1. My face gets dry after a shower but not peeling or too dry, so i can get by without a moisturizer. will this make my oiliness increase or decrease?
  2. I've had acne for 8 years, tried everything until accutane, and accutane was the only thing that worked and gave me confidence. I spent a lot of time thinking how different my life would have been if only I had taken accutane in the beginning. So i actually do think buying accutane with or without prescription is the only solution
  3. This new dermatologist i went to will not give me accutane, even though I've been onit before. She was talking about newer more stringent measures but i thought that only had to do with women. Nothing else helps me. Does anybody know where I can get accutane online without a prescription or will anyone sell me some?
  4. I have small bumps on my forehead that are really tiny and sometimes evolve into small whiteheads. On my noise it is blackheads and occasionally small whiteheads. My cheeks and chin just have a lot of red splotches that results from whiteheads being popped.
  5. Does anyone else feel that their acne is incredibly aggravated afetr shaving? Mine is redder, shinier and a whole lot more prevalent. Can anyone recommend a good shaving cream or aftershave?
  6. Is it ok to use an already bottled lemon juice, or do you have to use fresh squeezed lemon juice?
  7. the whole reason i want to clear up my face is so that I can have more sex, so I'm not even going to bother
  8. Does this happen to anyone else? I tend to get overheated and flushed real easily, especially if I'm going out at night, wearing long sleeves, or drinking. My face gets really red and splotchy and sweaty/shiny, and its looks terrible. This happened even when I was clear, and it looks terrible, especially now that I've broken out. It just accenuates the red marks I have. Does anyone know a way to stop this? I've heard you can use pepcid AC and antihistamines might help as well, but they never see
  9. theres so much stuff to try, i dont know whre to begin first. I just realized i have a wedding in two weeks so I dotn want to try the regimen right away because I dont want to be red for it and from what I gatehred theres a decent chanceof that. So i'm goign to try some of the alternative medicines for a little.
  10. I'm about to start my regimen tommorow. A little background, I had medium level acne for all of highschool/college until I took accutane at the beginning of my senior year, and it cleared everything up. A year and a half later, I'm back to where I started. My skin is incredibly sensitive. It's also prone to blackheads on my nose, whiteheads on my cheeks and chin, bumps on my forehead and overall oiliness. Right now, I am taking zinc, vitamin b complex, vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin A, and washin