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  1. Came back from the derm and am going back on accutane again will be starting in 2 weeks. Starting on 30mg. The derm says spiro is ineffective apparently and i should go with accutane instead. Got a couple of actives at the moment not big bt consistent. Tretinoin was working in the first two months bt not anymore. It helps with scar fading though. Plus my wrinkles are looking better.
  2. You gotta start from the bottom again meaning start from once a week and build up. Which is annoying but it wont freak out your skin
  3. Hahah chill they wont be looking for it I went on accutane ages ago and they did diddly squat to me no tests no nothing (im in aus btw)
  4. Okay so I finally got my referral to the Derm (yay) my last doctor was an ass and didnt think i needed to see a derm so i went to a different one. My acne is moderate but consistent currently im using tretinoin and been using Saw palmetto (only 2 weeks now). But the break outs are still poppin their ugly heads up. Ive been on accutane before but i was lazy (and younger) at the time and did not do the full course (yes i know im silly). I have pcos bt the pill never worked and ive taken alot o
  5. Yeah go to the derm i js got my referral today literally js told th doctor what to do. No mucking around i got so annoyed because i wanted a referral ages ago!!
  6. Hi there looking for a primer that wont break me out. Avoiding all those pore minimising primers cause they break me out like crazyyy. I tried that loreal blurring one and peter thomas roth mattifying one and I could literally feel the pimple being made. I went to a wedding and half way through my face itched and lo and behold there was a massive pimple. Now im scared of those primers
  7. For a guy i reckon try a bb cream itll help tone your overall face. The coverage wont be great but it will make it less noticable without it looking unnatural
  8. Yeah thats what thyre called! They are annoying but atleast thyre not inflamed so you know its not infected
  9. I think thyre clogged pores that have closed up. Yes they are stubborn as shit (from experience). Maybe some acids may work? Glycolic salycilic etc
  10. Yeah it depends on the doctor but you have to make your case. Im in Australia and the dermatologist i went to gave me accutane straight away (this was a while back) plus i made the mistake of not taking the full course (dont do that) . My acne is back so now im gonna go back to the derm and figure something out
  11. I completely understand how you feel. I hate waking up everyday and looking in the mirror to find new breakouts just when others have just healed. One thing that helps me is that when i go out in public i never notice anyone with acne but one time i actually looked closely at the people i went past and interacted with and guess what their skin had imperfections too! It helps to realise no one is looking at you THAT closely and that gives me comfort. You cant let acne coop you up (something i nee
  12. I went on yasmin once it didn't suit me and didnt even do anything for the acne. If you find it doesnt work in another couple of months dont waste your time and go back to the doctors
  13. I really feel for you, i hope you are alright. See the dermatologist asap and in the mean time just breathe and avoid looking in the mirror. I know when i stare into the mirror too long i start to stress and feel anxious. Stressing out will just do more harm than good.
  14. Have you already noticed some changes in your skin? I'm considering saw palmetto as well. honestly its still early days my face has js recently settled down from my last outburst which lasted a month, at the moment everything seems to be flat at least but i wouldn't say it's the saw palmetto maybe my hormones are settling. Still waiting on my period atm my cycles are like 40 to 50 days
  15. its water that has molecules in it that attracts dirt and oil its different from a toner or makeup remover but can be used as either! Its great for me cause im lazy (cant be bothered buying multiple products) you should try it thyre pretty cheap to buy
  16. the pill made me chubby and slow. Did absolutely nothing for acne and was still oily as ever. Plus after having my first child i don't wanna go through that process again of going off it and then the hormones go crazy etc etc its such a hassle. Ive tried diane and yasmin i think estelle or something too.. i forgot what theyre called bt yeah never felt right. Now at least im lighter bt sucks i gotta deal with the acne
  17. Having a long regimen is so difficult to keep up especially when you cant see improvement. Now days i just use warm water and micellar water to wash my face. Then a spray toner (im so lazy) and only properly wash my face if i use makeup. For treatment i use tretinoin at night
  18. Yeah androgens are the worst i just started taking saw palmetto and dchiro inositol hoping for the best still early days. I dont want to go back to the pill either made me feel gross
  19. Maybe buy some products with exfoliants in it like salicylic or glycolic acid?
  20. Maybe its the olay night cream? Last month i tried using an olay product (brightening serum) and it left my face dry sore and it broke out. I thought it might be the niacidamine. But now i use a toner spray with a bit of niacidamine and its fine so it might have be what ever else is in olay. Maybe try taking a product out and try again?
  21. Im so sick of acne The worst part of having acne is looking at your calender and being reminded of upcoming events where you have to face people. I have a deep ache and dread, its horrible. I dont have super bad acne but its the moderate consistent type you deal with day in day out. This shit sucks the soul out of you. Cant even remember the last time I looked forward to going out somewhere. Its ridiculous. Some days im like meh i do what i want!! Then other times you cant even step outsi
  22. I think giving something 6 months as a rule us fair even though its annoying. Is tretinoin a certain % of a retinoid? yea tretinoin is like retin a the same thing im using .05 atm ive been keeping a diary and i think ive been breaking out for like a month now. It sucks cause im going overseas for a holiday and ill look so crappy!! Vain i know.. but you wanna look nice on a tropical holiday
  23. so lucky you only have one pimple to deal with. Im on tret nearly 3 months and i have a couple coming up i wish they came up faster. Atm they are js under the skin. I thought i was improving but i guess i just haven't reached the purge?? It sucks i look worse than before. Bt im gonna stick with it (i keep telling myself) till 6 months. If nothing yields im moving on