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  1. You should be fine. I am on differin .3 and do beams. When did you start noticing results from beam? I've had 3 spaced 2 weeks apart with nothing.
  2. I have the same issue. I have had some red marks last years. I am trying the v beam to get rid of them.
  3. Hello ! I have spent the last 6 months off differin. I first tried the all natural honey, oils cleansing method. My skin went crazy. Then I went to the dermatologist and I have been using Ziana for 6 weeks. I can't take the dryness any more. Did you break out when you switched back to differin or did it immediately start clearing? I still had breakouts (minor compared to now) on differin. This time around I am adding spiro oral med to the mix. I hope that helps. I just can't handle ano
  4. Hello! When did Ziana start clearing your skin? I am on week 6 and still am getting new pimples. Should I switch treatments? Also look into Vbeam. It did wonders for my scars.
  5. Hello ! Any update? How is your regimen going?
  6. HELP! I have been on Ziana 6 weeks and am still purging. When will it get better?
  7. How is the Ziana working? I am 24 female. I have been using the Ziana 6 weeks and am still getting new whiteheads daily. I hope that means everything is coming to the surface and this hell will be over soon. I hear 6 weeks is when skin usually starts to improve. Are you still on Ziana? How is it working for you? When did your skin begin to clear? Cetaphil is great. I use Paula's Choice cleansers because they are gentle. I also love eltamd everything! Eltamd pm therapy moisturizer is m
  8. Tell me about it! Hold out. You're very young. You'll more than likely outgrow it. Trust me, acne as a teen is much better than acne as an adult. You're doing everything right. In a few months your skin will be flawless. In years you'll have better skin than all your friends (the Ziana prevents wrinkles and big pores and tone issues). All my friends who never battled acne have problems with tone and wrinkles because they never had to develop a skincare routine. It only gets better with t
  9. Clarisonic didn't purge my skin at all. It only made my skin smoother. I think some people purge because the xlarisonic makes your products work better. I definitely recommend the sensitive head because you are fair the acne head or deep cleansing head can causes broken capillaries. Also only use it at night
  10. Hey! When did your Ziana purge end? I am on week 6 and still getting whiteheads daily. I don't pick at them, but I do rub off the top. When did your skin start to clear? Are you still on Ziana?
  11. How did Ziana work out for you? When did the IB end?
  12. Hahaha no. This is my 10000th treatment. I am 24. I started getting acne around 14. I used retina A. Then I used differin .3. The differin .3 cleared my skin for the most part, but I still would get breakouts occasionally and I am looking for no breakouts. I tried Paula's Choice BHA and that made my skin the worst it has ever been. Now I am trying Ziana. Along with the Ziana I am also doing the tribeam laser. The laser clears out pores, stops oil production, and exfoliates the top laye
  13. When did your skin start to clear on Ziana?
  14. I am on doxycycline 150mg and Ziana. I am also on seasonique birth control. This girl is on the same regimen as you Her skin is why I am still truing Ziana. If it wasn't for her videos I would have given up.
  15. I have hormonal acne. It is all along my jawline and my chin. Since starting Ziana, I only get white heads. I have had 6 white heads appear in the last 5 days. It is probably mild-moderate. Before starting Ziana it was mild. I stopped dairy just in case that helps ( I haven't noticed a difference). I started evening primrose oil just in case vitamins help. Have you ever seen if you have PCOS? Google it. I have it and I know that causes my acne. Birth control is God's gift to women!! I'