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  1. 3 months into regimen: Its been a while since i posted, but i wanted to let people know how things have been going. Its alot harder to keep up with the regimen at school. and because of that i get occasional breakouts.. none have been as bad as this summer. but ive had my ups and downs. currently i have 1 active one with alot of hyperpigmentation yet. it seems that when i do get a breakout .. they are only active for a couple days .. then i can extract, but the mark is left there for a while. w
  2. Day 34: Sorry, I will not be able to post as often as i did over the summer. I am back at school now. Also i dont have a handy digital camera.. so no more pics. unless i find goodones while im out. So far i am keeping up with the regimen pretty well.. it takes alot of good scheduling to make sure i do it though. sometimes it will have to be 8 hours inbetween and sometimes 15 hours. My face is clearing up well though. only really tiny pimples lately, which go away in a day or two with the BP.
  3. Day 29: 8-26-06 Its been about a month now. I did get that breakout i was talking about. Although instead of it being 2-3 big cysts.. it was 2-3 tiny managable white heads on my right cheek. i extracted them a bit.. but didnt want to squeeze too hard because i didnt want to damaage any tissue.. i am hoping that bp will kill whatevers left... or i can extract better later.. I am thinking about starting ACV (apple cider vinegar) tonight. to help with the hyperpigmentation.
  4. Thanks brandy, I get that all the time from the old ladies at the adult day care i volunteer at (not saying that your an old lady)... but wait till i get rid of these brown marks..... Day 27: 8-24-06 No change really.. Just waitin on the brown marks to fade.. My face has been really oily lately..and somewhat irratable. ive been trying not to touch it at all. so far small signs of maybe a tiny breakout .. but nothing too detrimental i hope.. will keep close watch on it.. I posted pics in my
  5. Day 25: 8-22-06 All is well. Some irritation on the left side of my face. will be cautious of it. still working on brown marks.
  6. You are doing the right thing. just think. that if you start a new regime you might have to deal with another IB etc... Im sure in time things will clear up. in the meantime we are here .. gl ps. have you considered dans cleanser?
  7. Thanks alot for the support cam.! Day 24: 8-21-06 Just a quick post... No new guys. Drained the couple on my right side. waiting for them to scab up and fall off. I have also started applying the BP in two steps about a week ago and forgot to mention it. After cleansing I use a half finger for most of my face. Then i let that absorb a bit and apply the other half finger just to my cheeks (biggest problem spot) and maybe inbetween my eyes. hopefully by really targeting my cheeks they will clea
  8. Day 23: 8-20-06 Yesterday was my twenty first birthday! woo hoo. It was fun, although i didnt drink that much because i didnt want to forget the regimen. Hopefully i wont have a breakout from it. It was hard because i was with a gorgeous girl and i still had alot of brown marks on my face. o well. here are some updated pics. I am happy with the regimen so far. i keep to it pretty damn close too. I reccomend the Omega supplements as well to anyone. Even if they dont really help your skin the
  9. I agree, stick to the regimin and you should def start seeing results.. your acne looks like it will react well with the csr. good luck
  10. Thanks for the post Brandy, yes i am on a full fat finger of bp without any irritation. it seems to be working. I noticed that all my new zits were old ones that never surfaced. so something sparked them up. I used an exfoliating mask maybe twice so far. I dont think it hurt anything, cause i didnt breakout anywhere else and its not irritating. I have also been using the AHA lotion which is helping. Day 20: All my new zits were violently drained. After some kleenex and windex. i loaded on
  11. dove soap might be too harsh for youskin, maybe you should try one of the recommended cleansers. I also had trouble with the cetaphil moisturizer. i switched to aveeno ultracalming which is oil free. try it out
  12. Day 17 (8-13-06) Well, just as I was regaining my confidence and my brown marks were fading. my face had no bumps.... a breakout... I now have 5 very large pimples. 2 on my right, 1 on my left, 1 on right chin, and one by my left eyebrow....wtf... Im very upset cause i was hoping to be clear for my bday and now i have 2 of the hugest pimples ive ever had . I suspect it was either the sun (i was at the beach), or it was because i forgot to bring my omega 3,6,9 supplements. this is ridiculous,