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  1. Anyone else have a baby right after accutane? Was the baby healthy?
  2. So I was wondering how long to wait to get pregnant after accutane. I know that you have to wait at least one month. But others say 6 months. Does anyone know whether getting pregnant 2-3 months after is bad? Any info would help.
  3. Our skin sheds itself every 28 days or so. So maybe you are just shedding a layer and that's what was underneath and was going to eventually come out anyway. Try not to worry.
  4. Just wanted to fill everyone in on my experience so far with accutane. First off I started at the end of Oct, so I have completed my 2nd month. I had a huge breakout right before I started, huge painful cysts and pustules all over my cheeks. I am not sure what brought it on, but have had regular bad breakouts for the last year or so. I have always had acne, just not that bad. Anyway, I finally decided to do accutane. My derm started me out at 80 mgs per day. I weigh 140 and am 5'6". I was a li
  5. Well I am 28 and have been suffering from acne since 18. The last year it has gotten so much worse, cystic and nodular and I have started to scar. I thought I would try everything and didn't even think about accutane, until October when the who side of my face broke out in cysts and nodules. I said I couldn't take it anymore and have been on accutane since 10/27. I still haven't seen any results. My breakout hasn't healed and my face is so ichy. The other night I got another breakout on both si
  6. I think I am going to try the epsom salts and water and see if it helps with the soreness. I will let you know.
  7. I've noticed that if I wash twice at each time it seems to help get the makeup off better. In the morning it really doesn't matter because your face shouldn't have anything on it. But in the evening I know it works best if you wash twice.
  8. No I was on Doryx for a good 6 months with no results. I was also using differin regularly. So the break out just occurred for no real reason. Anyway, it's just so severe now and I don't know what to do to help it.
  9. I just started accutane 2 weeks ago. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who didn't see any benefits from accutane. I have severe nodular/cystic acne. About a month and a half ago I had a servere breakout on my cheeks that left me no other choice than to start accutane. My breakout has not gotten better, but it has gotten worse. My face hurts so bad and I just can't seem to see any clearing in sight. How long did it take everyone to begin to heal while on accutane. Is there anythin
  10. Well I got the results from my ultrasound and it showed multiple nodules on my thyroid. They think that the scan I had will show better what kind of nodules they are (i.e. hot or cold???). Anyway, I am off to see the endocrenologist on the 1st so we will see if this is affecting my acne at all.
  11. I am also extremely cold all the time. Symptoms for hyperthyroid state that you are hot when others are cold? So who knows. Other symptoms for hyper are racing heart beat, anxiety, sweating, and chronic fatigue. My regular doctor wanted me to be retested in 6-8 weeks but wanted me still to follow up with the ultrasound of my neck and the thyroid scan (were they give you a shot of radio active material.. hee hee). But I am following up with an endocrenologist to read all the test results.
  12. High, yeah my TSH was .01 (practically non-existant). The doctor tested me for Hyperthyroid but I have most of the symptoms of hypothyroid and non of the hyper other than maybe low immune system... aka the acne and I'm sick alot. My T3 and T4 were perfect... and my antibodies were high.
  13. Hello, I recently got a thyroid test to see if my acne was related. I have many of the hypothyroid symptoms and a long family history. Anywya, my TSH level was .01 indicative of hyperthyroidism??? My T3 and T4 were perfect but my antibody test was 7.5 (the average high is 2.5) so I am told. Anyway, I recently had more tests, an ultrasound and a radiation test. I am seeing an endocrenologist on Sept 1 to see what is wrong. I feel that even if my thyroid is normal (even though my tests are not po
  14. I recently ordered my dermalogica products from amirahg.com (i think that's how it's spelled). Anyway, they have free shipping on derm products over $50 bucks and their prices are really great.
  15. Rub some on the spot on and keep putting it on throughout the day. It might dry up so when you wake up in the morning use a little bit of scrub to get rid of any dry skin and then put some coverup on it. Whatever you do don't pick at it or it will scab and you won't be able to cover it nicely.