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  1. Don't freak out...I loved the stuff..I didn't really even have dry skin..I used BP the entire time I was on accutane... Don't worry too much
  2. try estee lauder full coverage foundation...I used it a looong time ago, but it worked really well...It covered everything up without being oily or cakey....It was also oilfree & wouldn't clog pores... I would give it a try if it was difficult for you to find this brand...
  3. try the new line that Gold Bond has out...I was skeptical, but my mom gave me some while I was on accutane... And I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! It's great!
  4. Accutane is a life saver....I can actually go out without make-up (before i wouldn't have taken my trash out without makeup)... It's great stuff!!!!!!
  5. I didnt get one at all! It was great!! Accutane was such a blessing for me!!! It's amazing stuff!
  6. Honestly, i was NEVER clear on accutane...I was a bit clearer, but I still broke out all the time.. So, I go off accutane and I clear up! And I haven't broken out since..Weird, huh? It may work..Don't give up hope!
  7. I'm using retin-a micro to help kepe my pores clear...I'm too paranoid to use nothing at all
  8. Ok, so I've heard on here that most people use Retin-a for upkeep... I've been using alpha hydrox 12% glycolic acid souflee..but i just want something stronger I've got a derm appt this friday to try to get a prescription....i haven't had any breakouts since after accutane (close to 1 1/2 months)...But I really want this to help keep my pores clean..and as a preventative measure...i'm so scared my acne will come back... Will it be covered by insurance? Because there is no way I can afford it i
  9. I didn't have an IB...So there is hope!!!! Some people don't have one...Ask your derm to give you prednisone in case, mine did because I had to be in a wedding like two weeks after I started....It was really helpful!!! You'll love accutane!! I'm so sad I finished up my course!!!
  10. I'm so sorry you're having problems... I loved tane.and I wish I were still on it...But my skin has acutally improved since i've been off..I was never 100% clear on tane...but now I"m 100% clear... Also, that 'issue' we both had....Mine cleared up completely when I finished tane... Just hang in there...it'll be over soon.. p.s. your skin looks great!
  11. hmmm..I don't think anyone's supposed to be on it for three months.. My derm prescribed it to me while I was on tane..(for 10 days I believe)..I told her that I was going to be in a wedding.. I had no IB...So I loved the stuff...And by the way, I have severe insomnia (even before accutane) and I noticed NO difference in my weight or sleep patterns... the stuff was great...
  12. I know it sounds crazy but I broke out the entire time I was on accutane...I was fairly clear,but I had about two or so spots a week that would come up.. But I've been off accutane for about three weeks, and my skin just keeps getting better.. Crazy, huh? I convinced my derm to keep me on for 6 months instead of 5.. But my skin keeps getting better now that I'm off accutane
  13. my sister used to have that problem... Do you live in a hot/humid area? She lives in FL, and putting powder underneath her breasts really helped... I would just try my best to keep the area dry....
  14. I had the same problem...It wasn't too bad.... But I took stool softeners... But I'm finished w/ accuatne now and the problem has cleared up.... So don't worry too much..unless it's a lot of bleeding!!!