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  1. the only reason for the steaming would be to open up the pores so that i can wash out the dirt, directly after..
  2. i heard that if you go to a steam room at least once a day for about 10 minutes.. and then wash your face directly after.. you can get some of your acne to go away because you are cleaning out the pores.. ive been doin this for the past 2-3 days, and some of the previous acne went away but some new ones came up.. then i heard that when using a steam room for acne treatment.. the acne usually gets worse first and then itll get a lot better.. any input on this? i really wana clear my face up! ill
  3. what kind of wash should i use on my face, directly after coming out of the steam room?
  4. but doesnt it make sense to open up your pores and sweat out the dirt and then clean it.. as often as possible?
  5. since yesterday i realized that my gym has a steam room on facility.. i was wondering if i went in it for like 10-20 mins in the morning and the same at nite, while washing my face and body directly after coming out.. if it will help clear up my face.. so far (2nd day doin it) my face has gotten a little better in some places but a lot worse in others.. i heard that with steam rooms the acne gets worse and then it gets a lot better shortly after.. somebody help! also.. if its a good idea, what