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  1. Anyone tried this new stuff from Oxy? Apparently it reduces redness within 4 hours: http://www.oxy.co.uk/products/default.aspx?p=4
  2. Hi I was just windering if anyone could recommend a cleanser which you put on a cotton pad then rub all around your face? I like these types because they're quick and easy, and if I use a gel then I run the risk of getting my hair wet which is /hell/ because it goes curly very easily. Currently im using the Boots stuff in my signature, but thats about to run out and I was wondering if anyone could suggest anything which has worked for them? Thanks, Jackster
  3. OK, I'll start posting about it when I see any positives/negatives :cool:
  4. Lol, to be honest I'm not really sure what it is :lol: This says it's antibacterial, But the doc said that I could keep up what I'm doing now and just add this stuff in so I thought that two would be better than one aslong as I moisturise afterwards. -Jack
  5. Hey people, I've been reading through the forums evry now and then for a while now, and I thought I'd register and ask a question. I just went to the doctors for the first time today about my spots and he put me on Zineryt, and I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a cleanser and moisturiser to use with it? And should I do it Cleanser, Zineryt then Moisturiser, or Zineryt, Cleanser then Moisturiser? I currently use Witch Cleanser and Neutrogena Visibly Clear Moisturiser in the mornin