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  1. Acne is still a struggle but my skin is basically clear and I'm using products I trust. I have really oily acne prone skin so treating the acne is a balancing act between drying acne products and hydrating products. Also, I want my routine to be as simple as possible. Cerave is the best brand for acne prone skin and I trust all of their products. Even though I have oily skin, I use their gentle hydrating cleanser morning and night and use their night cream as a moisturizer. I use a benzoyl perox
  2. I don't know if my skin is mild or moderate. It's mild compared to what my skin has been but I recognize that my perspective is not everybody's. Right now I'm using Cetaphil's gentle skin cleanser with Simple's replenishing rich moisturizer. At night/after I shower, I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser on my face (sometimes with the clarisonic), stridex max strength pads, and moisturizer. On my body (back, chest and arms), I use St. Ives sea salt scrub on those areas. Then, I wipe the stridex pad
  3. It helped

    When I used this with the Clarisonic brush (like an idiot), my face was completely clear but felt so dry, I couldn't handle it. I'd rather have acne than go back to the way my face felt when using it. When I used it without the clarisonic, it didn't completely clear my acne though. It worked fast and really well but I prefer to not use benzoyl peroxide.
  4. Tchristina

    It was a mess

    It was a mess

    It didn't help my skin or make it feel clean. I don't know if I was getting an allergic reaction to something but I remember my face itching. I don't think it broke me out but it did not help with my acne at all.
  5. It's good

    When I started using this product 3 years ago, acne products made my skin so dry, it didn't even feel like my face. The instant I put this on my skin, my face felt moisturized for the whole day. I haven't had clear skin in those 3 years but, no matter how much my acne regimen changes, I still keep this moisturizer around.
  6. Didn't completely clear my acne

    I had moderate to severe acne and after just using this product with Simple replenishing rich moisturizer, I still had mild acne with clogged pores. I'm not complaining because my skin has been much worse. This product makes my oily, acne prone skin feel soft and clean. However, I need a medicated product like Stridex max strength pads to really help with the rest of the acne. 4 starts because it cleans my face and makes it feel good but it hasn't cleared my acne after a year and a half of use.
  7. Great so far

    I have oily, acne prone skin and clogged pores. I knew that the root of my issues were the clogged pores that would eventually lead to larger bumps. As a result, I was looking for a salicylic acid product that would exfoliate, remove the clogged pores making my skin a little bumpy and potentially lighten dark marks. It is day 3 (so still pretty early) but it has already started working for me which is why I wanted to write the review. Many of the bumps have started to go away and my pores appear