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  1. cuckoo

    redness after accutane

    accutane will not clear red marks it only stops you getting spots
  2. cuckoo

    How pathetic is this

    just keep going and it will get better - at the moment you jus have to force yourself to go out
  3. cuckoo


    aww thats awful
  4. I knowsome people don't know how good they have got it having clear skin
  5. cuckoo

    Mineral makeup remover

    When I used mineral make-up for a short time the best thing I found to remove make-up was a gentle soap
  6. cuckoo

    Best Makeup for Oily Skin

    Clinique do foundations and powders for oily skin that are really good.
  7. Dior does a really nice loose powder that is good at absorbing oil and stopping you going shiny.
  8. cuckoo

    dry skin

    clinique do some really good moisturisers which should stop the dry skin
  9. cuckoo


    cool I'll check that out
  10. cuckoo

    Plastic patches?

    They kinda do it in movies but its more a silicon based glue formular where they use latex over the top but again it would be very hard to make it look natural but good idea though - maybe you could research it more.
  11. no not at all. I think everyone worries about passing stuff on to their kids but I would be more concerned about other inherited diseases like cystic fibrosis which is more debilitating and serious than acne as it lowers your life expectancy
  12. cuckoo


    Yeah I loved savlon its brilliant
  13. cuckoo

    Survey says???

    No Beard but a bit of stubble would look cool
  14. cuckoo

    Le Beau Male - Jean Paul Gaultier

    cool cool I'll check it out
  15. yeah people have no clue and can be very insensitive but I'm jus stating the obvious here but i know how much it hurts and how annoying it is when people act like this.