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  1. I am all for HOPE, the optimism that we can control the future and create it in our own image, so keep on dreaming. But dreams can also be narcotics, especially when we get attached to them. Nothing is promised in fantasy except delusion. I'm just saying that it's better to accept that we do not have control.
  2. Stop worrying. Like everyone else on the planet, you had and still have childish expectations about a fantasy world that do not survive contact with reality. Now move on to something greater and stop fighting yourself. Whether you think your life is destroyed or not, you're right.
  3. Soy is very healthy. It's a complete protein that has all the essential amino acids and is also low in fat, so it's used by body-builders and health nuts alike. If you want to gain muscle mass, you're probably not eating enough calories. More carbs and whole grains.
  4. He cut himself when he was 15 and grew a wart that developed into...that. Like monsters? Google dicephalic twins anencephalic pypopagus cyclops baby harlequin fetus (warning!!!) and you will see that you were born nearly perfect.
  5. COMPLETELY CLEAR (i chose no follow up against dr's orders, he's a good guy, i just thought i'd risk it) your results may vary
  6. Ya I agree ^^^^^^ I'm kind of posting this ironically. I know that "seduction" is bullshit. It's all marketing and advertisements, but it makes a good thread title. If you watch the videos, it's really a profound struggle for these dudes. One of them is so afraid of talking to girls that he bails and another puts everything on the line for his best friend. It's really a look at human transformation. Now I think the guy Juggler knows exactly what he is talking about. His pickup game is just bein
  7. Uhhh ya some people get way too much into pickup techniques and break this down into a mechanical process (The Game, Neil Strauss) but I think the guys in the video are pretty good about emphasizing basic stuff like confidence and being yourself. That can be difficult if you're a fatass or you have acne. The truth is though one of the first ways we learn anything is through imitation. If it works, you keep it, if not you do something different. I don't mean specific things like stupid pick up li
  8. Excellent. Since you've hit quite literally everything there's a lot to comment on, so I'll start with the self. As Gandhi said, be the change you want to be in the world. You cannot change the world if you cannot change the way you are. And to do that, you must know who you are, which requires that famous and difficult task of realizing the supreme identity of the self. I like that line about energy, because it sounds powerful (energy!) and it is literally true. We are made of matter and matter
  9. Talking to girls and conversation is a skill. Some people are better at it than others, but it is something that anybody can do. You just need to learn how. So go to SCHOOL. Seduction School (1/5) There is a lot to be learned here, watch all 5 videos. 1. Approach. Forget all your notions about getting girls and banging chicks. Take it one step at a time. Your goal should be to be interesting, have a conversation, make her interested in you, and then get a date. (Hey, I'm doing Something Cool
  10. No problem. Sweet dreams. I assume you mean melatonin, btw edit: i have no idea.
  11. B-B-BODY LANGUAGE Like 90% of communication is non-verbal. It's science.