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  1. Hey i workout regularly, which includes running, lifting, swimming etc. i take part almost everyday for a couple hours. i have pretty bad acne on my face and am hoping you all can give me some tips. should i wash face in between my workout? should i wipe my sweat off my face? does sweating help my face or does exercise make my acne worse? HELP!
  2. nice. im seeing soilwork on oct 30th and im gunna hit up OZZFEST if youve never heard of soilwork, check em out
  3. looks like youve got another member to your anti masturbation campaign. lets hope this shit works
  4. I've heard that smoking pot makes your acne worse, does anyone know the truth to this? I have times when im on and off of pot, and notice that while i do it, my acne gets bad, but im not sure if weed is to blame. just checkin. someone please give me some good news. thanks