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  1. ^thanks hun! Sup- just a quick note- I am leaving for two days to visit my college so I wont update till probably friday or saturday. But I wont add the Taz again till Friday so you wont be missing much lol. Just letting you know. Cya
  2. Hey! I just wanted to stop by and check out ur journal! Ur regimen looks good! I hope everything works out for you! See ya around!
  3. thanks for the replies ya'll. I apperciate it. Not much to report obviously since it the first day. I used the Taz yesterday and took half my pill this morning. No bad side effects with either yet so thats good. I guess I'll add the next amount on friday night. We'll see what happens. hmmm man I hope this works! See ya later.
  4. thanks! I think I MAY try it w/out washing it off the first time and if it bugs me then I'll wash it off after 15 min. IDK...I guess I have to experiment a bit. I apperciate the response.
  5. Quick question- to those who have used it did ya'll wash it off after a few minutes when you put it on? My derm didnt say to and neither did the instructions but I have read several threads where ppl said they washed it off. I guess I shouldnt since she didnt say to and it wasnt in the instructions. Its .5 btw.
  6. Hola! Hey guys! Sooo I had another thread going in the CSR section but I was just prescribed Tazorac and 150 mg of doxycycline (adoxa brand) that I take half in the morning and the other half at night. And then a BP face wash. So I decided to start over here! Arent you folks lucky lol! I will actually START everything tomorrow so I am pretty excited. I just hope it works! I have a had mild-moderate acne since I was about 14 and I am 19 now so I am getting pretty sick of this crap! I am also
  7. Alright chicas! I am starting a new journal in the topical retinoid section since I was just prescribed Tazorac. Meh! Wish me good luck and be sure to stop by my new journal- a new journey begins! *chea* oh and thanks Brandy for ur help! I apperciate it! Make sure u stop by in the retnoid section. I know thats not ur section but I'd like to see ya. *muah*
  8. Alright so I just went to the derm. She prescribed me 150 mg of of Adoxa Doxycyline a day, a bp face wash (triaz) and tazorac-topical. Any advice any one use these? J/w. Thanks. *muah!*
  9. Honesly this forum makes me 10 times more depressed about myself than I already was. Before I started looking here I felt a bit self concious but I never let it run me down and think that I was some sort of freak. I still enjoyed life and was thankful for what I had. I've never thought I was gorgeous lol but I didnt think i was UGLY But reading all these threads- all these ppl who have the same problem as me talk as though there whole life is a disaster and there is nothing for them makes me
  10. Okay so I am going to the derm Tuesday. I have tried a lot of things especially over the counter drugs and doxycycline. Nothing really worked- and I dont really want to go on accutane- it seems to LONG and too many side effects. So does anyone know anything I can maybe suggest to my derm. that works and help me? I'm afraid she is going to give me Differin or something like that AGAIN that does crap. Any advice would be helpful.
  11. well damn. Thats a lot of work! I guess I'll just talk to her for a while about it. Thanks ya'll.
  12. Hey- I am going to the derm on tuesday. I was thinking about asking for accutane even though my acne is mild it ALWAYS comes back no matter what I do. Sooo does anyone know the process of getting on it and what as to be done? Thanks!
  13. Alright so no new pimples anywhere except for one on my chin. As soon as the other few calms down one has to show its freakin face. blah. Stupid. Anyway its pretty small so whatever. Other then that my face really just has redmarks so eh. So so. Had special K for breakfast before taking my pill. Andddd thats about it this morning. Update later. EDIT- okay did 3 mile jog. Ate H/C for lunch and that about it.
  14. Hey ya'll! New update Okay well today my face seems to be a tad bit better. My monster pimple I have on my chin is starting to calm down- its pretty minimal now. My left cheek is starting to clear a bit too- there are mostly red marks with a few active spots but are very small. The only thing wrong with my right cheek is that I do have red marks but I will start that treatment after the rest of my face is free from active pimples. Today for breakfast I had special K ceral (yum-totally recomme
  15. dude tell her to go screw herself. shes a jerk and not worth ur time. I promise she will get her turn. being a bitch only works in high school. keep ur head up.