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  1. For a long time, I also have had your problem. Last summer, I bought a book "Joshi's Holistic Detox" and went through the 21-day regimen in order to cleanse my system and then to be able to reintroduce foods and see how I respond to them. I had read a bit about food allergies and food intolerances and I had learned that people are likely to build up too much of certain foods that could cause a reaction. When I was "cleansed" I was able to eat anything in moderation. At the same time, I have
  2. betti88


    I hear ya! I'm trying to figure this out too. From what I've read in here, you're doing the right things. I just started Evening Primrose Oil too. I can't tell exactly if it's working. I also think that diet and exercise helps for me. In terms of cleansing regimen, I am unsure if something works better than something else. I have recently received some samples of Avene products which apparently work towards addressing the hormonal issues and the production of sebum as opposed to all of
  3. This stuff works well for KP. NeoStrata Body lotion with 10% glycolic acid. Another website is www.helpforkp.com
  4. I'm not so sure about the hair thing. I know of people who have let their hair get terribly oily and eventually their hair has cleaned itself! These people wash their hair only with water. Apparently the natural oils produced cleans the hair. And at some point you hair looks normal and clean. (I don't know how it works, but I've seen it!) So in this way, the oil seems to have a purpose. A purpose that we have made unnecessary I guess. Here I just found some references to sebum's use in r
  5. I just read this whole thread through--wow. Now I have forgotten some of the things I have read! I am sure there may be some answers to my questions, but I'll pose them anyway. To whomever may know! Since soy beans provide a natural source of lecithin, do you think that drinking soya milk while taking one of the oils will work in the place of lecithin supplements? And adding an egg or two here and there? Is taking a multi-vitamin not recommended as the vitamin and mineral supplement? If n
  6. I am using Fresh Farmacy. I would suggest you get a sample from LUSH first. They readily offer them. I sampled FF and Coal Face. I decided in the end to buy FF and to buy Herbalism. I really liked them in the beginning. But my skin hasn't been so good now for a few weeks. I am still trying to determine what the factors are and it may be these products, may not be. I really love the idea of being able to keep my acne under control with such great natural products. So if you can make it w
  7. I just went to a gala at Pharma Plus where someone showcased Avene products. She really knew her stuff and even mentioned that they have a lip balm that many folks on Accutane are recommended. It's really expensive, but could be worth it. Apparently something other than petroleum jelly based is recommended for dehydrated lips. You can also get it at Shoppers. Well, in any of those drug stores with the really big cosmetic and skin care sections.
  8. I bought the NeoStrata Body Lotion with 10% glycolic acid at Shopper's for under $30 and have been using it twice daily on my butt :) It's been lasting a long while with great results!
  9. I just wanted to update that I am still having amazing success with keeping the butt pimples under control and keeping my backside really smooth with NeoStrata Body lotion with 10% glycolic acid. It's working better than any cleanser or scrub I ever tried for this area.
  10. Shipping from the UK? I'm in Canada. Could you get it shipped from here for cheaper? Should be able to. I still haven't had anything new on my butt since using this lotion! I still have the purple spots too. But the smoothness is great! I've also heard good things about Buffy the Backside Slayer from LUSH. I might check it out.
  11. I think you are describing Keratosis Pilaris. Check out this website
  12. I have chosen to go down the Keratosis Pilaris road (see my previous comments) and bought a lotion with glycolic acid in it NeoStrata Body Lotion. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and I think my butt is smoothing out! And I haven't experienced any new pimples. Somehow, this lotion exfoliates too.