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  1. i was just wondering what types of guys like which types of girls ? so if your a skater would you prefer a chick who is also a skater or a more of a preppy girl? just say what "social group" you are close to and what type of girl/guy you prefer...
  2. i know some REAL guys and they arnt like that you dont really belive that thats all guys really think about is sex ?or do you just say that because its what all you buddys think too ?
  3. all i hear is alot of wiening on this board acne dosnt ruin lives unless you let it !so dont let it !do the obvious get an agent and dont take no for an answer!
  4. just cuz thier on tv dosnt mean their not human...i think
  5. "SURFING IS EVEN BETTER THAN SEX…" FYI girls have no respect for sexcrazed perveted guys if you treat girls the same way you talk about them the best you will ever do is a slut no girl in her sane mind would take a guy like that seriously
  6. lets skip a step ... use what you have learned off this board to get rid of that acne not just dream of geting rid of it 1)simple is beter 2)oxagen kills bacteria 3)skin must breath 4)exfoliate gentally 5)hands off your face 6)wash your hands with warm water BEFORE you wash your face (or else your just spreding you bacteria ) 7)hot water ERITATES use warm and cold water come on people its nothing new !
  7. ya shes human she cool in the way she dosnt let acne get to her but its worse than mine !!!!grrrr shes on that hit show, Veronica Mars, as Veronica. funny i envy her her dad was looking into starting an investegation bussiness . but i am the nanncy drew out of us !!!!!!she ALWAYS puts the puzzle together faster than i can!!!!grrrr again some have all the luck !!!!!
  8. my best freind and i were playing this game what celebertys do we look like kind of boring but i could not think of one for her any suggestions ? i was thinking kristen bell any thoughts ?