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one horrible summer coming up

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  1. i tried writing to people when i was searching through a few peoples journals and don't know even how to work it so if you didn't write to me thats why its on my site . i don't know what im doing
  2. it only makes us stronger and in the end we all will be happy !
  3. i don't think im going to use this site anymore noone even replies to me and i thought people would all be a big help but it seems noone cares. so WHATEVER
  4. i finally took my first pill last night- i had a BAD day at work where i got in trouble numerous times for nothing that was my fault. but whatever not going to stress it ! i took the pill with fatty food because i have been reading people's journals and it seemed to go down the best. i don't know if i got a headache because of the pill or all my stress at work from angry customers calling about a missing piece of CHEESE. when clearly they did NOT say they wanted the god damn cheese. annoying pe
  5. today starts the journey. i had an amazing time last night at the sweet sixteen. people where i live go ALL out on these parties where it seemed more like it was an actual WEDDING. i guess if you have money why not use it in all ways right? well i have work today from 5-10 where i am taking my pill at 4 so i can eat something then go stand on my feet all night and answer annoying people call. after work im going out to my friends house so when i come home tonight i will see how i feel ! day one
  6. hey thats so exciting to be graduating highschool i can't wait for that day ! what college are you going to ? thanks for the advice ! thanks for the advice we both started around the same time & you will finish 2 days before me . long road ahead keep your head up =)
  7. im sixteen years old & dreading this summer INSANELY i am starting the pill on saturday ( 2 days from now) i was orginally supposed to start tommorow june 9th. i am a busy teenager and have work tommorow right after school & i stand on my feet all night and answer phones at a near by pizzaria. if that isn't enough i then have my friends sweet sixteen to go to during the night. my mom thought that i should wait until saturday just incase i get a headache or what not. i have been reading a