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  1. Do you have persistent acne? Are you a woman with chin hair? Researchers recently found links between endocrine system issues and acne. Two new studies published in JAMA Dermatology have linked hormonal insulin resistance to the presence of acne. Insulin resistance is a condition where the body, for some reason, begins responding less and less to insulin, which is responsible for regulating blood sugar. Read more
  2. naomi4

    Scalp folliculitis

    Agree with Davidctino. Here's more on nutrition and acne (what doctor's don't want you to know): http://clearskinweekend.com/blog-what-ibuprofen-aspirin-causing-acne
  3. naomi4

    Need advice: Nothing has helped my acne!

    Have you thought about your habits, like do you take ibuprofen or aspirin regularly? Well those drugs put holes in your intestinal walls, which allows toxins to get in your blood stream and cause inflammation. Here's more: http://clearskinweekend.com/blog-what-ibuprofen-aspirin-causing-acne
  4. Oh right cool. I will check it out. I'm going to test consuming Grass Fed whey protein to see if it breaks me out. Hoping it won't as there shouldn't be all the hormones that you get with standard milk. If it doesn't then it could be great news for people like myself who keep on top of their acne the natural way. I wouldn't consume whey if I were you. Read "Whey Protein: A Scoopful Of Acne?" over at AcneEinstein. It's a great article, filled with research: "The short answer is yes, whey pr
  5. naomi4

    How I Cured My Acne (W/o Drugs)

    Ever tried to take probiotics? I wanted to share a new Clear Skin Weekend article on this topic: "Got acne? Swallow some bacteria." The article explores reserach on probiotic treatments and acne. Hope it's helpful!
  6. I blog about most of the healthy diet info shared on this thread. Here's my latest post: There's a food that is so bad for acne that I don't even touch it: dairy. Read "Dairy is the Devil" on the Clear Skin Weekend blog
  7. naomi4

    How I Cured My Acne (W/o Drugs)

    There's a food that is so bad for acne that I don't even touch it: dairy. Read "Dairy is the Devil" on the Clear Skin Weekend blog
  8. My apologies GetMeTheResults, I just love talking about acne! So, you want to get rid of scars. Here's what has been proven to diminsh scars: moisturizing creams. Moisturizers prevent excessive water loss, which lessens the chance of scar formation. Read the study "A review of the effects of moisturizers on the appearance of scars and striae" published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. I would go with B3 cream.
  9. Did the regimen. Slowly stopped. Was clear for 6 months. Acne came back with a blast. "Had to" do accutane. Skin also developed sebum filaments on my whole face. Which I now, maybe, are getting rid of. Ballen, that's odd that your acne returned after six months. Could it be that your experiencing a larger bacterial imbalance, like Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)? One study looked at 114 acne patients, or which 54% suffered from SIBO (much higher than population average). Then they
  10. Acne is hormones, it's bacteria, it's genetics--it's all of it. I developed acne out of nowhere when I stopped taking birth control. I had to do so much to figure out the cause. What worked for me was trashing all of the facial washes and moisturizers I was using first. Then I changed my diet, then I started taking probiotics and other supplements, and I started using B3 cream. It's a lot of work, but there's isn't one right answer for everyone, you have to use guidebooks like Clear Skin Weekend
  11. naomi4

    Oily Skin And Lots Of Bumps

    Try Vitamin B3 cream to shrink your pores!! Anyone who has read my Clear Skin Weekend blog knows I'm all about natural solutions. Vitamin B3, also referred to as niacinamide, has been proven in clinical studies to increase the elasticity of the skin, enhance the skin barrier function, erase discolorations and improve the skins tone and texture (side note: niacinamide is the water-soluble form of vitamin B3, while nicotinamide is the amide form of the vitamin). Vitamin B3 application has been pro
  12. Nay! I was THIS close to buying Nizoral shampoo because I suspected that I had Pityrosporum Folliculitis, which I did have. I talked to my doctor and she gave me Diflucan. Cleared the bumps on my face right up! I followed up with strong probiotics. I blogged about other acne misdiagnosis problems on the Clear Skin Weekend blog. Using Nizoral on the face might be too harsh.
  13. Are you really willing to try anything? If so, you should try to stop using acne medications. Here: Clear Skin Weekend is giving away free copies of their natural acne skin care book this week (go to Clear Skin Weekend website to order a copy). Try reading the book, it'll teach you how to reduce inflammation through diet.
  14. Hey, heads up that Clear Skin Weekend is giving away free boxes of the Clear Skin Weekend kit, which is an educational acne kit that gives people with a step-by-step checklist to eliminate acne. From the company blog: With the kit, you get a copy of the Clear Skin Weekend Guidebook, one honey facial wash and one moisturizing tea tree oil. As an extra bonus, the Clear Skin Weekend kit comes with a free aloe vera plant (the acne guidebook teaches you how to use the plant for acne scars and do-it
  15. The Clear Skin Weekend Diet gives people with acne a blueprint to reduce the symptoms through diet changes (the book is on Amazon, by the way). The biggest takeaway is to stop eating inflammatory foods like dairy and sugar, and increase your good bacteria. The Clear Skin Weekend diet is the opposite of most acne medications, since they try to kill all bad (and good bacteria) causing acne. Instead, try to support your body with a better diet and lifestyle habits, instead of break it down with acn