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  1. week two pretty much clear still going was really dry the first week, not so much anymore. i want my sacars gone now
  2. i have used vit e gel and rubbed it on my whole face, all my scars were gone in about 2 weeks. however my acne came back a few months later and now it is gone again so i need to go find some organic vit e gel now to get rid of these red marks
  3. There are many causes of acne Marr. Maybe bagels and muffins don't aggravate this person's acne, so saying that they have to go isn't right. Are you going to say I have a hormone problem again now? To the original poster: Keep us updated and good luck Bagels and muffins, made out of organic grains/wheat can definately stay. White bleached flour is bad for you... google it. they are both organic and are wheat too. i dont buy anything that isn;t organic and i try to stay away
  4. i have it and like it a lot but it makes me oily (but so does everything else) i have medium skin and bouht the neautral color and it was wayyyy to dark i put it on like a moisturizer
  5. as of about 4 days ago i changed my diet, and i havent had a new pimple and the ones i did have are now gone or just about gone. i started the CSR along with this and boy has it helped. though its only been 4 days i believe it is working because i usually always wake up with a new blemish and i havent since this. now i just need to get rid of the red marks! diet: breakfast: bagel or english muffin (little butter) one piece of fresh fruit, cranberry or orange juice lunch: romaine lettuce
  6. this is my 4th day with very litle dairy (cheese and butter only) and i am almost completely clear, my skin hasnt looked this good since 8th grade
  7. day 4 basically my skin looks the best it has in a long long time. a few small unnoticable spots on my forehead and the one i have had on me cheek for about a week is just about gone. now i just need to get rid of these scars then my skin will be just about perfect. the csr burns at first but it is working, and quick. i didnt really have that much acne to start with. but with the csr and my diet change i can already see major major improvments.
  8. use tom manno products, all 100% natural you can order them online or depending on where you live you can buy them at certain organic grocery stores. they are the best out there and mose natural.
  9. I have done the csr once last night and once this morning. before i started i had one bump on each cheek and a few little ones on my forhead where my bangs sit. started last night i dont think i used enough BP woke up with the bumps on my face just about gone have a new one on my nose that isnt really noticable. did my CSR this morning and now i am feeling oily, i did put on a clean tint makeup that is oil free and really light. though i think my skin is looking good. at ngiht i use a hig
  10. erythromyocin, monocyline and tetracycline
  11. I have been breaking out for about 5 years now, but as of lately my skin has been pretty calm. i break out more during my period but the rest of the time i have one or two noticable blemishes. i do have some scarring now but i guess i've coe to realize that i think my acne is much worse than it really is. sooo since breaking out ive ben to 3 dermatoligists, and have been on three perscription pills and 6 topical creams, i alwys asked for accutane but they said i dont have the type of acne tha
  12. my derm ays neutragena or however it is spelt i the best bet, he says mac is ok too he says covergirl is the worst, which is what i used to use but my skin seemed to stay the same when i switched, i like the clean make up from neutrogena its super light and it has sylic acid, so if you need a moderate but breathable soverage it wokrs great, i just used an spf 30 aveno moisterizer first and aply healthy defence loose powder on my chil and forehead for oil absorbtion.