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  1. Alexei


    I eat two eggs per day and it's okay:)
  2. I totally agree with you, people have started to see my "weird" eating habits and some think I might be anorexic or something, it's so embarrassing:( of course I dont tell them its because acne coz I dont wanna hear the : food does not cause acne people I've dated find weird that I never eat anything (junk food) but what else can I do if I want a normal skin I have to stick to this until acne is gone forever
  3. is organic meat bad too:S?
  4. hey guys I need some advice again I've been reading threads and threads of probiotics , kefir, yoghurt, etc and wanna know what to drink that is safe which one is better yakult? kefir? youghurt? can I go to a supermarket and buy yoghurt or kefir or does it have to be a certain brand or light yoghurt ? the reason is that I wanna boost my immune system , I've had two colds in two months (right now I'm coughhing ) and after reading threads I think it might be because all the antobiotics I've ta
  5. he guys I wanna know if there is any safe substitute for sugar?? thanks
  6. avocados are totally ok? I've read in some places that they can cause acne...is this true or We can eat them:D?
  7. is canned tuna, good or bad? or Should I strictly eat fresh tuna? I wanna give it a try since I've been told I'm really skinny:( thanks!
  8. hmm Lindt chocolates....interesting i HAVE A DOubt....soo... 70% cacao is fine..no breakouts? at all? they are safe?
  9. I use gillette mach 3 turbooo it's great and as after shave I use the aplle cider vinegar it's been the only thing that has stopped after shave irritation!!!
  10. hey guys, I've been reading that people drink acv and it helps a lot with acne.. I have acne on my arms and would like to try drinking acv to see if it would help what do u guys think? another question, I've read that drinking acv has helped people, with losing weight..so I'm concerned about that, since I'm sskinny , I don't wanna lose a pound!
  11. hey I've been reading about the oil pulling thing but oil???? the oil you use for cooking? sunflower oil? that thing won't cause acne breakouts??
  12. thanks you ^^ I'll check it right away
  13. Hii hey guys I need your advice. I have this thing on my right arm, I've been trying the sea salt regime and it has improved my condition, but It still looks ugly and I still get some pimples , I've alson applied acv at night, and has helped but again hasn't cured me. I used to have acne on chest and arms, and after twoi weeks of using bp (5%) vanished, but when I tried it on my arm, back in january of 2006, it didn't help :S so I've been reading about H&S but dunno if try again bp, or the
  14. the acne I had on the back of my arms has improved a lot since I started using sea water I live in the south east coast of Mexico, so I have the beach 15 min walking:P I first started using it after reading this thread, back in july or august ...and it has helped a lot..nothing had helped my arms (specially the right one) unfortunately, now I have my arms (again specially the right one) covered with many red marks and it looks bad, not like it used to be but there are some red marks what can
  15. I've read many discussions regarding wheter it's safe, whether it's not I'm thinking about adding some into my diet but I'm not 100% sure if it's totally healthy coz I listen or read the word = OIL . and I panic inmediately! I've been thinking about adding some to my food , since the only thing I eat is stewed chicken and maybe I could tell mother to cook my food with olive oil so is it 100% safe??? there won't be any problem eating it? no pimples? Nothing bad could happen to my skin? (para