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  1. I used to get what you are describing. They are called "carbuncles". Google it and read about them. Basically they are a staph infection. The only way to get rid of them is to soak in a hot tub to get them to come to a head. There's stuff you can buy at a drug store or walmart called "Boil Ease" or any other drawing salve. It speeds up the time that it takes to get rid of them. You should grow out of it tho, hopefully, I did. Good luck
  2. I was on Bactrim for two months and never experienced anything like that. Maybe you picked up a bug somehow. Feel better
  3. Neutrogena makes a nice one that's spf 20 and has copper peptides in it. I've been using it for about a month. It's not greasy and smells nice too.
  4. I'm still using Joppa too. I haven't had to order anything in a while tho either. I got lucky and matched my colors on the first try.
  5. I bought a pencil box type tupperware thing and all my makeup is in that thing. If I do anything I grab the whole box. Good way to not lose anything.
  6. The only Aveda product I have ever tried is the lip saver which I love, but if I get it on anything but my lips it breaks me out like crazy.
  7. Hey guys I can relate to the red mark situation. Things that help them heal faster (for me anyhow) have been to put neo on the zit as it is dying. It heals way faster. Then about a month ago my derm had me buy some stuff from him. You can only get it from a derm or esthetician (sp), but it rocks for fading red marks. Here is a link to the page for the product. It was $55.00 from my derm but it should last a good while. I have been using it every night and it is really cool stuff. http://ww
  8. Actually I think you could easily start at a 50/50 mix. I did and it was fine. I had an old hair color bottle and filled it half way with acv, then added water to fill the bottle. I just squirt it on a cotton pad and use it that way.
  9. Hiya Steelers! I can recommend someone for you. Her name is Sandy altho I don't remember her last name. Goldman maybe? She's with the Skin & Vein Center. They have offices in Garden City (734) 762-0798, Troy (248) 689-1400, and Fenton (810) 629-9200. I've only seen her a few times but she's really nice. There is another doc there, he owns the place, Eric Seiger. He is the most caring derm I have ever been to. Funny and really listens to what you have to say. Hope these guys are some
  10. I've been taking 20 mgs a day for about 2.5 years. I quit for a while after the first of the year coz I felt like I didn't need them anymore. Last week was hell so I started again. No side effects for me tho, headache or otherwise.
  11. Old schmold darlin! I am going to be 54 in June. And like everyone else said. I avoid certain threads especially in emo. Bet I'm the oldest acne.org member!
  12. This is where I got my samples from. It was $10.00 and no shipping charge. I think I just figure out it's supposed to be put on with a damp make-up sponge. Doh. Guess I'll pick some up tomorrow at Walmart and give it another try. I was trying to smooth it on with my fingers and that wasn't working. http://www.skinstore.com/store/product.asp...amp;prodID=4352
  13. Ok anyone else tried this? I saw a post saying it was wonderful.. It's a liquid mmu. This stuff is sooo thick! How do you apply it so it looks natural? I tried a pea sized application and it like got really gooey where I applied it and didn't go anywhere else. Mix with moisturizer? All input is greatly appreciated. tyia.. Allie
  14. Hey to anyone who is interested. My last derm appt. was the 28th of Feb. He conned me into buying this night time repair cream. I'll toss in the link below. You can only get it from a derm or esthitician (I cannae spell). But man I have been applying this stuff every night since I bought it and my face is getting amazing. No zits period, slight peeling in the morning after I wash, evening out skin tone and fading red marks. It has glycolic acid, a retinol and hyluronic acid in it. It was