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  1. For those of you who had SM completely done for least 6 mos to 1 year ago, how do you still feel about it? Was it worth it - did it really help w/your saucer/indented scars? How's your acne now? Thanks. Tarmik
  2. did your skin stay oily from it, or did it get better (less oily)? Thanks
  3. I agree - the last time I saw Ray Liotta in something I thought he also looked better...Tarmik
  4. I haven't tried the method yet, but I read on this board that someone was using vaseline (petroleum jelly) to cover their healthy skin so the TCA wouldn't drip on it. Just a thought...Tarmik
  5. The holes actually were small, but large enough and deep enough that you could see them and make-up would get stuck in them. They probably weren't even 1/16" wide...punchgraphs are used for these kinds of scars. The "cookie cutter" instrument is very tiny, and the graph is very tiny. Tarmik
  6. Hi, Happygal, I had about 7 huge holes in my face (pin-prick kind) that I had punchgrafts done about 5 years ago on. You can't really even tell they were holes. A couple are slightly redder than the rest of my skin which I guess will stay that way forever, but it used to be when I'd put make-up on, it would look like it sunk into these big holes in my face. No more, the punchgrafts worked great. I think they were around $150 each - really can't remember. The PS took a "cookie-cutter" punch
  7. Hi, Emmanuel. I didn't have another dermabrasion because of the down time - I work and it's hard to take that time off. I would like to get rid of some of the scarring caused by the C02 (it wasn't all bad - it did help w/some scarring) that's why I'm thinking about smoothbeam - won't interrupt work schedule. If I had the time, I'd probably do dermabrasion again, but no way C02. I'm trying Julie's TCA, trireduction cream and exfol cream and doing a "little" needling in the meantime - not sure
  8. I had dermabrasion and it did wonders. I had some rolling scars and pits. I first went to a PS that was supposed to do subcision/excision, well he made all these cuts and indents in my face and I was SO depressed, I wasn't the same person after that. My face looked horrible, it was MUCH worse after he got done w/it. I couldn't look at myself. I went and got a dermabrasion a time later, oh, and some punchgraphs on the larger "holes" the PS made, and it looked so much better, I can't even des
  9. Hi, Animegirle. You keep mentioning rotten C02 - I know I wasn't happy w/mine either, but what did yours do to you? Thanks so much
  10. Anyone know anything about the above? They have smoothbeam. I can't find anyone in my immediate area who does smoothbeam. Love to hear from you if you know anything. Thanks so much. Tarmik
  11. Someone on the board reco'd the above, and I have to say, it really stays on. It hasn't broken me out and I love the staying power. Just wanted to say a big thank you. I've tried everything. At Kroger's the other day, they had Loreal, buy one, get one, so I got two and am glad I did. I've had punch excision, which helped my pores tremendously, but I think I will always have a little redness from where the holes used to be. I dab the ColorStay on over them and it STAYS on. Thanks so much.
  12. Anyone heard of Vitalize Peel? If so, could you post results. Thanks so much. Tarmik
  13. I tried needling for the first time last night, have no idea if I did it right. Didn't hear any popping or anything. I took a needle, jabbed it in and tried to kinda move it underneath scar in different directions. I don't know if I got it in the skin far enough, it didn't pop, but I felt like if I kept pushing I was gonna get to my bone...I rubbed Trireduction on it last night and exfol cream this morning. It's slightly red and raised a little this morning. I can definitely feel a kinda lu
  14. Hi, Bulldog. What did the CP's do for your skin, help shallow scarring? Thanks. Tarmik
  15. How did the doc perform the subcision? He doesn't happen to be in Cincinnati? I can't find anyone here to help me. Thanks so much. Tarmik
  16. Are the saline injections used to treat shallow scars. How long does it last and does it look pretty. I have one scar I'm really thinking about using a temp filler on. Thanks so much. Tarmik
  17. What kind of consistency does it have? I can't use thick foundations...
  18. because it inhibits collagen growth which is what you want to promote for indentions...
  19. What exactly is this supposed to do? I used the sample, didn't see anything great, but then I only had a very small sample. Thanks.
  20. Guys, I have seen great results w/CP while using Julie's TCA. I was just thinking this morning how much smoother my skin looks. I was using the CP I got from Make-up Artists which I was using Julie's TCA. I ran out of the CP, so I ordered the Tridection(?) Super CP cream and exfol cream and TCA. My pores are much tighter, the shallow scarring is looking better and overall my skin is smoother. I'm very happy w/these results so far. Thanks. Tarmik
  21. Are those of you that did your smoothbeam around 6 months ago or so still happy w/the results? Did it help much and maintain the look of shallow scars. I know everyone seems so excited at first, but I'm wondering if those good results remain once all the swelling subsides. Thanks so much. Tarmik
  22. Hi, guys. Along w/trying to lessen acne scars, I'm getting older and getting fine lines. Anyone have suggestions for a good eye cream. I've heard of Primacy Eye Balm? Reco's. Thanks so much - man, I wonder if folks w/those beautiful complexions realize what we go through!
  23. If it makes your finger look like that, why does it improve the facial scars? Thanks so much - guess I'm just not getting it. I know it's supposed to react differently on scarred skin, but still kinda confused...thanks. Tarmik
  24. I've even looked on the site and can't find anyone in my area who does it - suggestions? Thanks so much. Tarmik