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  1. Hi there I haven't posted for a while, mainly because I've had no problems! I came off the Lymecycline 15 days ago for my recommended month long break, and since then I've had one 'pimple'. Well I say pimple, it was more of a hard lump in my chin crease that wasn't even visible and went away after a couple of days of ignoring it! I had one on my jawline too that was incredibly sore, inflamed, and came to a huge head, but I think that was self inflicted (accidentally touched the area with pe
  2. I used Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion for the first few weeks of treatment...they were hellish for me! Burning, peeling, bleeding, flaking, scabbing...the lot. I was recommended CeraVe Moisturising Lotion (just the general one, not the SPF one) and it really helped clear up the flaking, and it wasn't as thick and 'greasy' as the Cetaphil. I was still left with a red complexion, not so much hyperpigmentation, but my whole face was just generally more red than the surrounding skin on my neck etc. a
  3. Thank you both for the kind words and support! I applied a small amount of Epiduo to the wound in the end, very carefully to prevent the scab from bleeding, and also put a thin layer of Sudocrem on top in an attempt to keep any bacteria out. It must have worked, because by the end of the next day, the scab had dried up and fell off, and the skin underneath was healed and just a little pink, it was like some kind of miracle! It's still a bit pink now, but coverable with a dab of concealer.
  4. Sorry to hear about your setback. I'm a little concerned about coming off the Tetracycline in 2 weeks, but just hoping the Epiduo keeps doing it's job. The only thing I'm really concerned about at the mnute is blackheads in strange places (another one popped up in the crease between my mouth and nose today) when I never got blackheads at all before...and also my red complexion. I've always been a bit on the red-side, but it seems permanent now, and I can feel that it is typically much war
  5. Fantastic news! I also had unbelievable results within a very short time period of around 3-4 days. In fact, I think I actually saw a difference the morning after the first application! However be warned, I went through a bit of a purge after around 3-4 weeks. It wasn't horrendous, and not as bad as it was to begin with, but it was strange having all types of spots that I'd never had before! It cleared up really quickly though, and as soon as that break-out cleared, the side effects disappear
  6. I'm pleased you got hold of some! I'm going to try going back to my GP for a new prescription, need to call up for an appointment when I remember. Maybe it'll get easier as your skin smooths out? Like I said, I was having to use quite a lot to get it to spread over my rough skin to start with, but can get away with a large pea-sized blob now as it just glides on quite easily. Are you using a cleanser before applying the Epiduo? Maybe the cleanser is over-drying your skin so your skin is soa
  7. Hi there I'm currently going through a course of Tetracycline and using Epiduo to clear up my acne, and so far it's working wonders. However, I am a bit of a compulsive skin picker. I've been doing really well lately and left my skin mostly alone, the only time I get the compulsion is when I'm agitated or anxious. Anyway, I had lovely clear skin on Saturday morning, I went out Saturday afternoon feeling on top of the world. I unfortunately had an incident which induced quite a l
  8. That would be great thanks! After being fobbed off with the 'manufacturing fault' excuse, I emailed Galderma (the company who make Epiduo) for confirmation - and they said there has been no manufacturing fault. All that has happened, is they have switched from manufacturing the tube to making a pump version, and this needs to be specified on the prescription. Looks like I'll be back off to my GP to see if I have any luck there. For now I have enough to last a while at least.
  9. Yeah maybe the issue is a bit of bacterial resistance? I have one 'pimple' on my jawline, that I thought was actually just a bit of a heat rash, but it isn't shifting. It's not inflamed, sore, or anything like that - sort of just a lump? I also had an incident on Saturday where I could see this huge blackhead literally poking out of my cheek - bizarre as I've never ever had acne on my cheeks. I could literally pull it out with my fingernails, so strange. It's left a little red mark but nothi
  10. I have to admit when my skin was a bit dry and flaky, it was so difficult to make the pea-sized amount spread, and I was using probably half a pea for each affected area. Now that it's smoothed out, I can quite easily made a pea-sized amount (albeit that of a large pea!) spread into a thin film over most of my face. The key is to just keep taking dabs of the original pea-sized blob lightly using another finger and trying to gently spread that as far as you can. I can get about 6 'dabs' from m
  11. I think I'm now around day 55. This may be a total no-no but I haven't been washing off the Epiduo in the mornings for a few days now! I'm almost out of cetaphil cleanser and can't get any more until Friday, so I decided to just ride it out. I use the micellar water when I get home from work to remove the day's make-up, moisturise, then stick with the normal PM regimen (no moisturiser). It's not causing me any irritation or breakouts as of yet, so maybe it's actually beneficial for me?
  12. Thanks for all your replies, I'm currently using one by Crest I think...like I said, I'm not usually too fussy about it. I wonder if it is in my Listerine mouthwash too? Hmm definitely something to think about. I think I'll try and find some fluoride-free toothpaste and see how I get on.
  13. Hmm funny you should say that, the pimple I was attributing to my toothpaste went full-on cystic pimple too. I couldn't leave it alone, I was so frustrated, so ended up with a giant cyst, surrounded by a giant scab, surrounded by dry skin. It's clearing up now but still looks clogged up. Maybe it's just another phase of the treatment? Other than that I haven't really had any new breakouts. I'm struggling now to get my regimen right, maybe because I keep tweaking things and I shouldn't be.
  14. I had a feeling there'd be a reason! Thank you. I was also looking at the ingredients list the other day and there were so many irritants and known comedogenic ingredients. I'm trying to be more careful, but I'm up at 4am for work so it's usually pitch black and I'm half asleep, not a good combination! I thought that by now, if this was an issue for certain people, there'd be some kind of alternative out there
  15. Hi all I'm just about to start week 8 on a regimen of Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, Epiduo, CeraVe Moisturising Lotion, and 1 x 408mg Tetracycline each day. So far it's been going great, actually amazing, I cannot believe the difference (once I got past the burning and purging anyway). However, one of my areas of concern are my chin and mouth, always have been! In the last 3 weeks I've had about 4 random large pimples and every one of them has been above/under my lip, and I always ha