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  1. I noticed you commented in my thread, your skin is very similar to mine like you said. If either of us get anywhere we need to let each other know lol! I get the impression with my skin that it is likely hyper pigmentation with very very shallow scarring which is a good thing really because once the hyper pigmentation finally clears up there shouldn't be much left to look at. My GP recommended bio oil but from what I've read that doesn't seem like a good idea. Do you still break out at all?
  2. Any ideas anyone, does a sunbed seem a good idea for scarring and redness?
  3. Thank you,, so do all of these things work towards healing or bringing down redness and possibly scarring? Is there one in particular that you recommend? I eat an extremely healthy diet. No gluten or dairy and no refined sugar.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a male and have had acne since being around 16. I'm now 22 and my acne, knock on wood, has improved but I am left with very visible red markings and shallow scarring. It's almost as if every spot that pops up never goes again. My face is full of red markings that simply do not disappear. I'm a very pale person by nature and rarely tan regardless of the weather (being in the UK doesn't help) so my pale skin with a canvas of red markings tends to look terrible, especial
  5. I used Acne.org's BP several years ago and it found it to be the most beneficial thing in the regime.