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  1. i have been on the regimen for about 2 months now. however i recently went camping and didn't have time to put on bp. but the confusing part was that my acne got way better then when i was on the regimen. so should i continue with the regimen or stop?
  2. to wax my eyebrows while on the regimen? i do use bp around the areas of my eyebrows.....what about my upper lip area ( i also apply bp there)
  3. how long does it take for it to arrive in the mail?
  4. has anyone had success with the neutrogena bp so far?
  5. i've been on the regimen for about 4 days...i folllowed the directions exactly...but i'm still not flaking like everyone else is...i know this is a good thing....but does it mean i'm not using enough bp....because people say if your red and flaky then the bp is working...HELP!
  6. i am using the neutrogena bp....mybe thats the problem....but i bought several tubes so i don't want to waste them.......
  7. when i put on bp it feels real tight and no matter how long i wait.....the bp never completely absorbs and when i put on mosterizer , the bp rubs off (a little amount)
  8. anytime i put water on my face......i get all flakey! and i didn't take moisterizer to the beach....how can i prevent this and do any of you guys have the same problem!
  9. is it true that your dryness and flakes will never go away while your on the regimen? No matter how long you've been on it?
  10. i have got the neutrogena on the spot 2.5% bp. but on the directions it says its only a spot treatment and you should put it only on your pimples and it says nothing about putting it all over the effected area. also it is the "tinted" formula, while this make a difference?
  11. Kylee

    10% BP

    so 2.5% is the best or will 5% work better?
  12. anything wrong with using generic 10% BP?