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  1. sudocrem works for me. i dab some over the spot (don't rub it in) with a cotton bud at night and in the morning it's shrank way down. do not go overboard with the sudocrem though, otherwise it'll make it worse. but, it helps for me on the odd large spot.
  2. has anyone tried either? apparently freegerm is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. www.skindoctors.co.uk .. just saw this in a magazine like an hour ago. it looks alright. anyone?
  3. can i just say that i found the baths rather annoying and couldn't stay in them for longer than 20 mintes. so that idea was out the window. i tried using a spray bottle. that annoyed me even more. now, i go in the shower.. i get a jug, put about 4 table spoons of salt in the bottom and fill with boiling hot water. let it cool for a bit and then soak a face cloth in it and wash my body with that. i've been doing this now for about 3 months. i used to have really bad bacne, now i'm very close
  4. bread makes me break out big style!!!!!! i hate the god damn thing!!!!!! it's satans food i tell you. evil sheer evil. i do love it though... gutted.
  5. i'm glad it's worked for most of you x i love the blush anddddd apparently the eye thing is rubbish.. but well if those two have worked on me then i might as well try the eye one p.s i saw a post about the sally hansen thing and i use the airbrush legs medium glow one all over not just on my legs! i tested the other shades & stuff in the shop & they were really runny and basically crap.. this one stayed on like a trooper! i love it.. and now i basically can't live without it!
  6. i'll not go into detail but i think the corn flakes help because of all the fibre.. improving bowel movements obviously gets rid of alot of crap (no pun intended) xx
  7. i was exactly the same this time last year. i've been trying to find a cure for my acne for forever & now i've just given up. i honestly believe you've gotta work from the inside out & i try to eat and drink everything that'll benefit my skin. (berries have helped me alot) still, i'm having problems with my appearence & all i do is try to make the most of my assests and cover up my worst bits. make-up usually and this skin cover up (sally hansen airbush face) is really really good
  8. kelloggs corn flakes & i didn't mean just only eat those & drink water! lol i meant eat extra carrots & corn flakes everyday... by the way my diet isnt the best in the world..... & i snacked on this for a while & its worked! well not 100% but the majority!
  9. loadsa carrots everyday & handfulls of corn flakes everyday you obviously all know about the water thing...... i drank about 4 litres a day my skin was glowing about a month later just try it....... it's not gonna harm you! xxx
  10. i find it covers up all of my spots. it's really light too and it dosent make anything worse! i never feel the need to use concealer & i only use powder when i'm going somewhere special! xxx
  11. i did the salt thingy for the first time tonight but i was only in for about 15 minutes, my skin feels quite alright after the first time...BUT i did feel really dehydrated. i'm not feeling doing this every night for 30 minutes. i might like, die. haha has this happened to anyone else? xxx