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  1. I need to get fid of some marks ..anyone know how long it would take to go away or anything i can to to speed up the process
  2. Whats up ppl, I've been on tazorac for about of month so far, and my face is really better. I dont really have any pimple but i have marks. Anybody can recommend anything that i can get from a pharmacy to help them go away. If someone would acutually answer my post ,it would help alot.. thanks.
  3. I've been using it, and I could already tell the difference in my face. Its a process, but day by day you see its working. i sue BP twice during the day, and use tazorac at night. And I kno they say put a little bit, but I put alot and it works more, so you already know what you gotta do.. lol.. Stick with it..im on my third week. Lemme know how your doing in a week.
  4. Kool ..das good 2 hear ...im on my second week and its already working ..i hope u continue having good luck ..its a process
  5. TAZORAC IS great. I started it last week, and I see ALOT.. i mean ALOT of improvement. The doctor gave me Benzaclin to use with Tazorac. In the morning, i put the Benzaclin on. Then i put on a Clean and Clear moisture. When I get home, I wash my face and put Benzalin on, and I night, wash my face again and put on Tazorac. Works great, stick with it
  6. Whats Up ppl ..Today i went to the doctor and he gave me Tazorac. Can someone please give me more information on it. I hear that sometimes people get worst using it. Right now i have moderate acne. Any information would be great. Also, is it true that I have to use it with other medication?
  7. Whats up ppl.. i use to have pimples on more forehead. I would never get them never get them on the side of my cheeks. After using Neutorgena Benzoyl Proxide, my face was compelety clear. However, all of a sudden I've been getting them on the side of my face. Nothing tremndous, but there like red pimples that you cant pop. Then when they go down they leave marks. Is there anythin I can do, any advice, this stress me out so much. Any help would be great. THANKS..
  8. My face pretty good ..however ..i have like a few marks from previous pimples I had and lil red dots. I have tanned skin. I heard that if I put hot water, in a few days the marks would go down, is this true
  9. Im not sure ...but try using the neutrogena acne soap ...its works great for me ..im not sure about the ingrididents ..but give it a try,.
  10. CONGRATS ..its great to hear stories like this ..Mine recently cleared up with my own type of regimen. Its great to see people solving their problems.
  11. I remeber when I had one ,i popped it and i went away, but if u dun wanna do that try something else that works. When ever I was home, i would put alot of Vixx on my nose, den a little piece of tissue on where i put the vixx, it worked for me, give it a try.
  12. I've been using Neutrogenas BP and Face Washing Soap for a little over two weeks and my pimples on my forehead have almsot disappeared totally. Why is it that Neutrogenas BP is working better than the one i got from the doctor?Is it that or is that im growing out of it??
  13. Well i kinda of had a smiliar problem. I would get little pimples on more forehead. I do wear hats because I play baseball, but I would suggest you to use the Neutrogena Acne washing soap and Neutrogenas Benzoyl, its a great combination that may work.
  14. I know how it is. I have mild acne to. But try to get the netrogena bp gel. Its been working for me. Give it a dry, and also buy a moisturizer so your face wont dry. Dont worry, the product does not over dry your face. You may also want to get the netrogena washing soap for the face, turns your face soft and goes great with the bp.
  15. YEAAAAA.... So far i've been using it for a week and its already working. Its great because its real strong and doesnt over dry your face. The only thing is that the tube is very small and pricey. But its a great buy and its worth it.