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  1. Hey, hope your condition is healing well. Do you have any updates maybe with a picture? I am eager to try this since I am at wits end but I feel it will irritate the skin causing more pustules since my skin is sensitive. Currently doing water only for the past few months, pustules dry up in the shower but slowly and steadily increasing.
  2. Please try the above method, that could be the answer! Please do report if you find success.
  3. hey rocketboysf, Im pretty sure what you're going through is gram negative folliculitis, its basically a leaky gut manifestation on the skin due to all the antibiotics taken prior..you can search for gram negative folliculitis and look through the images and see similar condition as yours..(pustules around mouth). I am some what having this but much milder mine just happen to dry off/disappear after a shower and are very superficial pustules without inflammation due to a somewhat strict die
  4. hey @greenhooligan..Your condition looks more like inflamed hair follicles rather than acne. Google 'folliculitis'. which has also most probably led to secondary infection. What medication are you currently using and how long have you had this (did it come after a specific incident)? The acne on your face is it only on your side burn + beard area or on your cheeks too? You might want to start using an antibacterial wash when your shower, try Hibiclens. I'm suggesting something that worke
  5. Might want to check this out. Looks like you have some sort of folliculitis. Could be gram-negative due to all the antibiotics or staph colonization in your ears or other moist regions (since you said you don't have nasal colonization of staph) Just look this up too - Eosinophilic folliculitis
  6. Thanks. What is your regimen like? Also has there been any incidence of recolonization of S.aureus in your nares?
  7. If S. aureus is in your nose and/or ears, then anytime you touch them and touch a part of your body you may transfer the bacteria over. Much of my cystic acne came from touching parts of my face with my fingers. I believe that I scratched, picked, or touched the inside of my nose shortly before I touched my face. Sometimes I would get chest and back pimples and I think it was because of my fingers having residual Staph. I would get many small cysts on my chin, and I think that came from norm
  8. Very interesting and informative read, finally digging into the cause of acneiform eruptions when it is mostly mistaken as acne. I had moderate acne and as a final resort took accutane. My acne has pretty much subsided but i still have constant eruptions of white pustules (folliculitis) around my mouth and chin region, wake up with a few it vanishes after a bath and by the end of the day i get one or two, it happens to subside for a few days and then return no matter if i shave or grow my beard
  9. hey, i had a similar issue..i had a keloid on my right jawline it was injected with triamcinolone (similar corticosteroid) 40U/ml. The keloid completely flattened within a week and then i started noticing hypo-pigmentation i was really worried i even wanted to get it excised but my derm told me to wait saying that the color will come back and she told me to apply calamine lotion every night. I dont know if it helped much but by month two the treated area came back to its normal color and so did