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  1. I've dated women before with acne. Never anyone with severe acne, but with mild-moderate acne. I didn't really care, they were all very cute and very cool despite having some zits. Most people are pretty shallow, but that's the way the world is. You just have to get used to it. It's probably not a bad idea to assume most people are going to superficially judge you, but at the same time you shouldn't close yourself off to people either.
  2. Lab Girl you seem pretty knowledgeable about this. If you had to prescribe a safe regimen to take care of "true" red marks, what would you suggest? What retinoid would you suggest to use?
  3. Well, day 2 after the treatment, it's been about 24 hours so far. Unfortunately the hyperpigmented areas that I wanted attacked are now more noticeable again after the redness subsided. I'd say maybe a 30-40% reduction in redness in the areas, definitely noticeable but obviously not perfect. Of course, no matter what you tell yourself you always get your hopes up that a procedure will totally cure a problem, but that's unrealistic. The areas around my rolling scars that were attacked have tu
  4. You know, I don't want to sound like too big of a dick, but it really doesn't sound like he was being mean to you, it sounds like he was trying to sell you a product that he thought may help your acne. I don't tend to think of people who mention that you have acne as being mean. If the mere mentioning of acne is someone being mean, then almost everyone I know is mean an awful lot, which just isn't true. Not to belittle how this affected you, but people can say far, far more hurtful thing
  5. Question: What is the correct method of applying BP? Gentle rubbing as in the CSR regimen?
  6. The last thing you want to date is a skinny girl. From personal experience, seeing them bruise after intimacy is not very attractive. Some larger women have attitudes, but honestly if you were a larger person you would quite likely be embittered about it too, especially with modern American culture (assuming you're a US resident).
  7. Well, today I had a combined Aura/Lyra/Venus treatment, primarily for a couple really nasty red marks and also for some of the latent acne scars I have. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures currently available, but I'll post some up if/when I get access to them. I figure this post may be informative for those who are thinking about the treatment anyways. To begin with, I was given a topical numbing cream to put all over my face, which I did more than an hour before the procedure. The proc
  8. Well honestly it sounds like you have a choice to make. Would you rather have mild-mid level acne, which can cause permanent scarring and just looks really terrible all the time, or would you rather have wrinkles, which can be minimized with certain products and will occur no matter what over time? Personally I don't think it's a hard choice, but then again I'm 27 and have started developing crow's feet around the eyes and worry lines on the forehead. That's a natural part of growing older and
  9. I should caution that I did this for a dark mark that clearly had old blood pooled underneath, we're talking a mark that was literally black. I would not advise this for a red/brown mark or anything like that. After a bit of scabbing the mark faded, but not completely. It's still a tad greyish around the area and I assume will always be so.
  10. As an "acne graduate" I'm not going to bullshit you, people with clear skin do usually judge you based on your skin, but everyone here pretty much knows that. That's not to say they're bad people or you're a bad person either. It's just human nature and something you have to consciously work at controlling or ignoring. It's said so much on here it's almost a cliche, but really the people who can look past what's the outside are the ones you need to worry about. Don't let acne scarring become
  11. I had that happen one time, had a small but painful cystic pimple deep in the skin, it seemed to "die" on its own but left a very dark mark on the skin. It annoyed the hell out of me, so eventually I used a needle to make a very, very small hole and gently bled out all of the blood. The mark went away after that. I wouldn't recommend doing that until you leave them alone for awhile and make sure they're no longer active, and honestly it may not have been the safest thing to do anyways. Just a
  12. I'm mostly an acne graduate myself. Had it from age 12 until around age 18 with full break outs and nasty, cystic pimples. Luckily I escaped with only minimal scarring, which was pretty lucky from the amount I had. At age 27, I still occasionally get a pimple here and there, usually about 1 a month at most on my face, usually 1-2 a month on back, but it's nothing at all like what it used to be. Trust me, I hated myself and my face pretty bad for many, many years. I ended up outgrowing it, I ne
  13. Haha this thread is getting out of control now.
  14. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that 10 grams is probably too much. I'm pretty comfortable saying that.