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  1. thanks. i got prescribed clarus today
  2. I have moderate acne, but I've had it for 10 years. It is also all over my body. I've tried so many different types of medication, topical and oral. Tomorrow I have an appointment to the dermatologist and I was wondering if I'd ask him for accutane would he prescribe it to me? I'm turning 16 but I've had acne since I was 5, not kidding. Would there be any possibility he would prescribe it for me? What should I say to the doctor?
  3. What if I don't apply Differin to the eyebrow area. Can i still get my eyebrows waxed?
  4. My doctor prescribed deferin to me yesterday and I got it today. But I an scared to put it on because I heard about the brakeouts. My doctor told me that minocylin I take keeps away the cyts I get. So my question is will I brake out? with differin even if I'm using Minocylin 100 mg (going on 200 once the prescription comes in) And is it okay to use a salycitic (sp?) acid cleanser with Defferin?
  5. Okay please don't bite my head off but (fresh) lemon juice works wonders on blackeads! I had blackheads (and acne) all over my back arms chest and shoulders and it got ride of it! I saw a huge improvment. Then my mom decided to stop buying lemons and using the ones that in the little bottles and everything came back. I'm so glad I'm going to the store today to buy lemons again So why not give it a shot. Just for a week? I'm sure you'll see a big improvment.
  6. I wouldn't recomend not drinking milk. I had two little pimples left I was useing Aloe Vera for about two months and all of a sudden I told my mom I'd stop drinking milk because I thouhgt it was the cause of my acne. About one week later I broke out I had like 30 huge pimples. I was so close to clear skin and I had to stop. Now the aloe vera isn't helping me at all!
  7. foxy


    I heard that yest gets rid of acne scars. Does anyone know how to use it, and if you need to add something to it and, how lond to leave it on? I bought it but I don't know how to use it lol
  8. I realized today that I had a brown bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and I heard it kills bacteria so it put some one my face. But later on I did some reasurce and I heard it could cancer damage cells and bleach your eyesbrows. Is this all true? Has it helped anyone's acne? Should I continue to use it with my aloe vera?
  9. There are a lot of side affects: Birth defects Mental problems and suicide Serious brain problems. stomach problems Bone and muscle problems Hearing problems Vision problems fats and cholesterol in blood Allergic reactions Most common tho are dry eyes, dry skin, dry nose chapped lips and nose bleeds. But if your body acne is really bad you should go for it...
  10. How bad do you think my body acne is. You can't really see it tho that well and I have a lot of scars.
  11. My derm dsoen't think it's neccesary and he thinks I'm a little too young. But if the Aloe Vera and the pills I'm on now dosen't help I'm going to ask again.
  12. I mean come on who ever heard of a six year old getting major acne. A very healthy six year old. Geez I got teased since I was little. I was the only one in my school. Has anyone else gotten this horble stuff at a young age? Like what is wrong with me...........
  13. I was at the docs today and my doctor mention a product for my body acne Benzac 5 Wash. I ordered it. Has anyone tried it at all?
  14. foxy


    Oh ya sorry I forgot. I've had acne for 8 years since I was 6 years old. And right now on my face I have mild acne but on my body it's really bad. Last night after 8 hours of putting Aloe Vera on every hour I took a shower then applied it on again and when I woke up this morning I have 2 pimples left! and Like 3 scars. I was sooo shocked I couldn't belive it and my skin tone looks much better. The scars on my arms have faded drasticly and the tiny pimples are gone my shoulders are okay and my
  15. foxy


    I decided to start an experiment with Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera since I've seen a little improvemnt in this past week. I'm putting on Aloe Vera every hour. I'll tell you guys if there was any improvment tomorrow.