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  1. are tomatoes and other nightshades okay in the paleo diet? the lectin containing fruits and vegetables?
  2. is it a problem to ingest too much fruit a day? Also, is it okay to eat fruits and vegetables that contain lectin? I.e. nightshades which as tomatos, peppers, adn etc.
  3. is it possible to eat too much fruit? I eat a lot of fruit. Is it okay too eat many bananas a day? I eat at least 4 a day. Thanks!
  4. Seems like many people are doing well on the diet, so I decided why not. Anyways, while on the diet I am also on antibiotics and Retina a .025% topical, though both has never kept me totally clear. Nevertheless, this is what I eat everyday more or less. Some comments would be great. Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, lots of salad, half a avocado, sesame seeds, and ~12oz mixed fruit bowl Lunch: Chicken, lots of salad and vegetables, and mix fruit Dinner: Salmon, lots of salad and vegetables, and mix fr
  5. Why not try taking a Probiotic supplement? I take one everyday due to the fact that I am on antibiotics and it helps me have bowel movements everyday. Good to know you are doing well on the Paleo Diet.
  6. Hi, I am switching from doxycycline to minocycline 100mg daily after only a month use of doxycyline at 50mg-100mg with no rest time in between. I would like to know what are the effects of this, if there is any. Thank You. My derm says there is none but I would like a second opinion. Also will there be another initial breakout when i start mino?
  7. I am wondering if i swicth from ProActiv BP to CSR BP, will there be a initial breakout from the switch? I have been on the regime from about 5 weeks and my face is clearing up nicely. ProActiv BP at the moment is working for me, but it is expensive and from I read the results are temporary, etc. Should i consider the switch or stick with ProActiv? I am about to run out of my ProActiv Bp and considering to the CSR BP or ProActiv. Thanks
  8. I plan to exfoliate with a facial brush gently. We'll I started the ProActiv regime for 3 weeks or so, then I encountered this site and dropped the ProActiv regime and have adopted the CSR methodology. So under the CSR regime is roughly 1 week. Thanks.
  9. Hi, just last week i got a fairly bad burned from the sun, though I am still unsure if sun was the culprit or perhaps the large dose of bp. Anyways, last week my skin got really tight, dry, and tanned complexion which then escalated. My skin colored changed brown and very tight. It was very hard to even open my mouth and when i tried to smile wrinkles would appear. I was scared! I reduced the amount of bp used and during night time only. During the day I moisturized only. Now my skin is tanned a