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  1. well it could just be ur skin, i mean everybodys skin flawless [sucks i knoe] they could be crystals, it could be dry skin, it could be a bad reaction to w/e ur using, but im not 100% sure
  2. a few of my friends use that exact brand, and it seems that they dont get breakout
  3. i tried it today, and all i got to say is WOW!!! i was just woundering tho, would i like cleanse my face, then use it as a toner n then use my moisterizer??
  4. my skin is oily, and every winter it gets soooo flakey n dry. I always put on a moisturizer b4 i put on makeup, after i wash my face and before i go to bet, and yet its still flaky. I exfoliate about 5 times a week n its still ew lol. PLS HELP!!!
  5. Im asian too and all i got to say is Yah MAC is great! If you like cheaper stuff go for Revlon New Complextion. I use Natural Beige 04
  6. if you planning to drink t/m night, drink LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of water today and during the daytime before you go drinking. That will keep you from being dehydrated
  7. If you were to leave it on as a mask would u not rinse it off?
  8. What are some good Oil Free Toners?? Is it really important to use a toner after you cleans?
  9. Is Revlon's New Complexion One Step Foundation A Good Foundation? And Is It Oil Free n Any Results Of Break Outs For Anyone?
  10. i believe there is a coconut oil that you can eat. i would eat it over putting it on skin because then if u eat it u can get more benifits outta it [other than ur skin]
  11. covergirl mascara triple! its great, i dont need to use a curler n it gives me length and curls n thickens. Not to mention, IT DOESN'T clump that much