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  1. Hi guys, I had laser hair removal 9 years ago with a LightSheer laser. I am a Fitzpatrick IV-V, in other words I am dark-skinned (brown, not dark brown or black). The laser used for my treatment back then was not appropriate for my skin type and I was left with a small patch of hyperpigmentation that is still present on my face 9 years later. Could the Obagi product line help remove this hyperpigmentation? Would a chemical peel? What are my options if any? Thank you.
  2. Can it? I'm also of Indian descent with brown skin. Would this treatment be ok for me?
  3. No I didn't as I was afraid of making things worse. In hindsight, I'm definitely glad I didn't because "filling in" was not the problem. Now I have a raised line scar which looks like something from an accident rather than acne scarring. I think if I had suctioned it would have made this even worse Hi Michi, Did subcision cause this raised line? Who performed the procedure? I might see Dr. Yang in NYC.
  4. it's not really sticking out i am just worried about the color now it's gotten a lot better but i just want it to blend in color-wise
  5. I am a picker too. Had no problems during high school. After though, i began obsessing about miniscule defects. Here is my latest problem. I will never pick again..
  6. Hi guys, I used to comment here a lot 7 years ago. I always had good skin until after high school when I became reclusive (depression). My skin still remained good for several years after. Eventually though, after becoming more neurotic (and developing OCD), I began to pick my skin. I'd think that a tiny spot was a big deal. I thought if I could just scratch it off, it would heal over brand new. So stupid, but I was in an irrational state of mind. I eventually went back to sch
  7. Yo it looks like you haven't been on the boards since July but your story really got to me, I'm going through the same thing practically. I hope all is well, let me know how things are when you get the chance.

  8. Thank you for the reply, it means a lot to talk about this to at least one person who knows what it's like. I have more scarring, but I feel like it could be remedied. The other day, I was washing my face and a bit of skin just came off like nothing... It was white and flaky, like the gunk you may get in your pores on your nose. Instead, it was on my cheek and as I lightly brushed it off, it left this deep crevice in my face. It's so random. No acne, no lesion. NOTHING - yet simply my skin b
  9. Hello guys, I just wanted to share my story with you all. I am a 25 year old male. Brown skin. All throughout my life I've had mild acne. I ended up with some very minor rolling scars on my left temple. It was never a problem and simply tugging at the skin would vanish the scar entirely. Nevertheless, I didn't seek treatment for it. I would say that out of high school, my skin looked fantastic. However, due to anxiety issues and maybe some latent depression (I wasn't full-out depressed til ye